Infinite Stratos 2 'World Purge' OVA's Promotional Video Streamed

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Original video anime following the series girls' wildest romantic fantasies ships on November 26

Company Overlap began streaming a promotional video for the “World Purge Arc” Infinite Stratos 2 original video anime (OVA) on Friday. The video features the opening theme song to the TV anime, "True Blue Traveler" by Minami Kuribayashi.

Text: A completely new OVA debuts on Blu-ray and DVD!
Chifuyu: All forces, on stand-by! We will now begin the plan!
Chloe: World Purge... Begin.
Ichika: I want you...
Lingyin: Ah!
Ichika: You're beautiful...
Lingyin: Ichika...
Text: Those “borderline” episodes get an unexpected anime adaptation!
Cecilia: Today is the day when Ichika will wash my body for me... I'm in your hands.
Text: The girls' fantasies go wild!
Hōki: If you could, Ichika, can I ask for you to come and be a son-in-law of the Shinonono shrine, and then the two of us will...
Charlotte: Come on, Charlotte, do your best...! When you become his wife, this is going to be an every-night thing...!
Laura: Wh-What are you trying to ask for...?
Tatenashi: I loooove this kind of thing.
Kanzashi: Currently, due to the hacking of someone, the entire academy is being turned powerless.
Chifuyu: Bring it on with all you have. You can't lose, not just yet.

The 50-minute OVA that adapts a fanservice episode from volume eight of the novels will ship in Japan on November 26 Blu-ray for the price of 7,884 yen (about US$78), and on DVD for the price of 6,804 yen (about US$68). Each package will come with a jacket with original art by Kumi Horii, a clear case and a digi jacket, a "super picture label," and special video content. First copies of the OVA will come with a special 50-page booklet and a storage box with art by Kumi Horii.

The original two television anime series adapt Izuru Yumizuru's original Infinite Stratos light novel series. The second season premiered on October 3, and Crunchyroll is streaming the series as it airs. Sentai Filmworks and Section23 Films released the first anime season in North America, and the companies plans to release the second season on home video in 2014.

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