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Devil Survivor 2: Break Record 3DS Game Slated For January 29 in Japan

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Announcement made with promotional video for sequel to 2011 Nintendo DS game

Atlus announced at the first public day at the Tokyo Game Show event on Saturday that its Devil Survivor 2: Break Record Nintendo 3DS game is slated to be released in Japan on January 29. The announcement was made with a promotional video:

Io: Hey... A lot of things happened in the last seven days, huh? Painful things, happy things...
Text: The very-wanted new work of Devil Survivor 2
. Text: A new story will be told
Daichi: A-Are you serious!? Is that a monster!?
Man: Let me tell you... This is the greatest destruction since...
Anguished One: The appearance of the devil... In other words, it has been decided that the existence of you all is unneeded.
Text: The end of the world is beginning.
Daichi: What the heck's going on!?
Makoto: Don't rely on me! You all are devil-users!
Ronaldo: I haven't lived until now for this!
Yamato: If you won't fight, I'll do it myself.
Airi: What is going on!?
Otome: Something is happening to Septentrion...
Makoto: If the tower is destroyed...
Daichi: Does this mean that what we did was useless?
Yamato: I won't accept this kind of end!
Anguished One: Is that the answer you've given?
Text: Survive the final seven days of humanity
Voice: A pleasure to meet you, young devil-users. Show me your possibilities that can even avoid logic.

The official website lists that characters Daichi, Yamato, Io, and the protagonist have been confirmed as returning in the game.

Atlus announced last November that the port of the 2011 Nintendo DS game had been delayed into 2014.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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