1st Aikatsu Anime Film's Full Trailer Posted

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Ichigo prepares for biggest concert yet in film opening on December 13

The official website for the first film in the Aikatsu idol anime franchise for young girls began streaming the film's first full trailer on Tuesday.

Aikatsu: We're opening a Big Star-Miya Ichigo Festival!
Ran: A special concert with Ichigo as the main focus?
Aoi: Let's make a new song that will make you shine!
Ichigo: I wonder who I should ask to help make it...
Girls: We'll help too!
Text: We want to send you the best concert made with everyone's help!
Ichigo: Please make my new song!
Mizuki: If this concert succeeds, you can become an undisputed top idol. Then, if that happens, I can...
Text: Mizuki retires as an idol!?
Ichigo: Miss Mizuki!
Text: And so, the curtain on the legendary concert has been raised!
Ichigo: A new song, new dresses... Everyone can get along and smile... This is our concert leading to the future!
Girl: I definitely want Miss Mizuki to be able to see Ichigo-senpai's concert!
Ichigo: I'll sing... Believing that my feelings will reach!
Ichigo: Aikatsu the movie!
Ichigo: Let's go!
Girls: Hooray!

The story of the anime revolves around Ichigo, who was just a normal middle school student until she suddenly got involved in the world of idols. The film will center around Aikatsu's greatest "Super Live" concert yet, the Dai Star Miya Ichigo Matsuri. Ichigo prepares for the concert with press conferences, last-minute lessons, and more.

The film will open in Japan on December 13. Theaters are now selling advance tickets with an original Aikatsu! card for a "Sugar Ribbon Coordinate" outfit (Tops & Bottoms or Shoes).

Bandai announced the orginal idol-themed card game and its anime adaptation in 2012. Sunrise animated the first and second seasons, the latter of which ended its run in September. The third season premiered in Japan on October 2.

Daisuki is streaming the first 50-episode season in various countries outside of Japan.


Image © 2014 Sunrise/Bandai, Aikatsu The Movie

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