Live-Action Kin Kyori Renai Film's Trailer Streamed

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Live-action film adaptation of Rin Mikimoto's shōjo manga to premiere on October 11

The official website for the live-action adaptation of Rin Mikimoto's shōjo manga Kin Kyori Renai film began streaming the "Girls" trailer on Thursday. The trailer features the film's theme song "Hasu no Hana" (Lotus Flower) by Sakanaction.

Yuni: I hate him. But... When he treats me coldly, I get sad.
Mami: Yuni... That's love.
Yuni: Love?
Text: Close, but far away, she fell in love with her teacher
Mami: Hate and love... Having both of those makes it real love.
Text: Even though he's so close...
Teacher: It's been a while, Mr. Sakurai.
Teacher: we started going out again.
Text: It's far away and lonely.
Yuni: Why are you crying, Mami?
Yuni: Because you're not, Yuni! I'm crying in your place!
Text: It was her first love
Title: Kin Kyori Renai (Close-Distance Love)

The song also served as the theme for the Kin Kyori Ren ~Season Zero~ spinoff live-action television series that premiered on NTV in July. Kin Kyori Ren ~Season Zero~ is an all-new story about the manga's protagonist Haruka when he was in high school. Johnny's Jr. male idol group member Aran Abe plays Haruka before the character becomes a handsome tsundere (initially aloof and abrasive, but later kind-hearted) teacher in the manga and film's story.

Former NEWS group member Tomohisa Yamashita (Kurosagi, Dragon Zakura, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Ashita no Joe) will star in the live-action film as tsundere teacher Haruka Sakurai. Commercial actress Nana Komatsu is making her film debut as Yuni Kururugi. Nozomu Kotaki (Kamen Teacher) will play Ikuhaba, a former delinquent and Yuni's classmate who is also in love with her. Mizuki Yamamoto (Black Butler, Zekkyō Gakkyū) will play Kikuko Nanami, Yuni's classmate and the only one who understands her. Additionally, Asami Mizukawa (Nodame Cantabile, Dark Water) will play Sakurai's ex-girlfriend Mirei Takizawa, and Hirofumi Arai (live-action Space Brothers, Kiki's Delivery Service) will play Yuni's cousin and Haruka's fellow teacher Akachi.

Mikimoto's original manga depicts the love story between the handsome tsundere teacher Haruka and the super cool genius female high school student Yuni. Haruka toys with every woman he sees — including Yuni — striking a balance between his cold demeanor and harsh language and actions that make women's hearts throb.

Mikimoto launched the series in Kodansha's Bessatsu Friend magazine in 2008, and Kodansha published the 10th and final compiled volume in 2011. Yui Tokiumi's novel adaptation shipped in Japan in July.

Live-action Kimi ni Todoke director Naoto Kumazawa is directing the film, which will open in Japan on October 11.

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