Matsuyama City's Tourism Anime Short's Sequel Announced

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1st short starring Nana Mizuki, Misa Watanabe, Mayuko Kouchi premiered in 2013

The official website for Matsuyama City's anime short series announced on Wednesday that the sequel to its 2013 anime short will premiere on October 23. The original short showcased famous areas found in Matsuyama, which is located in Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. The sequel, titled "Mattsu, Yamma and Moburi - Suigun Otakara to Nazotoki no Shimajima" (Mattsu, Yamma and Moburi - The Naval Treasure and Riddle Island), will focus on the islands west of the city.

The original short "Mattsu, Yamma and Moburi - The Mystery of the Seven Gems and the Flying Castle" premiered in 2013. The short follows three kids named Mattsu, Yamma, and Moburi as they try to recover seven jewels from Matsuyama's famous attractions. The short features subtitles in English, French, German, Korean, and Chinese. Sukima Switch provided the ending theme "Travelers High."

The cast of the first short includes Nana Mizuki as Moburi, Misa Watanabe as Mattsu, Mayuko Kouchi as Yanma, Akihiko Ishizumi as Mysterious Man 1, Yuya Tamaki as Mysterious Man 2, Tomochika as Moburi's older sister Tomochika, and Ehime Prefecture idol group Hime Kyun Fruit Can as themselves. GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE member Alan Shirahama will join the cast for the sequel. All the cast members are from Ehime Prefecture or from Matsuyama City itself aside from Watanabe, whose husband is from the area.

Saku Sakamoto directed and wrote the original short at Robot Studio and Koji Endo provided the music. Junichi Tanaka served as creative director and original story creator.

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