Granrodeo's GraP & RodeO Anime's 1st Episode Streamed

posted on by Tiara Hamilton
Lead singer Kishō Taniyama stars as a rock fan

Music production company Lantis began streaming the first episode of the GraP & RodeO original anime inspired by the musical duo GRANRODEO. The episode briefly feature's GRANRODEO's song "The Other Self," which was the first opening of the second season of Kuroko's Basketball.

The anime follows RodeO, an exceedingly ordinary high school boy whose dream is "to become a rock star." A creature appears before RodeO and introduces itself as GraP, a music producer from the future. "I will make you a star!" Can GraP turn RodeO into a rock star like GRANRODEO?

GRANRODEO lead singer Kishō Taniyama is voicing RodeO himself, while Hiroki Konno of the comedy duo King of Comedy is voicing GraP. The other cast members include Yūsuke Katayama of the Hikarigoke comedy duo and Ayasa Itō.

GRANRODEO's other member, Masaaki Iizuka is also performing the opening and ending theme songs. Taketo Shinkai (Kayoe! Chūgaku) is directing and writing the anime, and Jun Oson is providing the illustrations. Lantis and Pie in the sky are producing.

The first episode aired on BS Fuji on October 19 during GRANRODEO's Rodeo Club - Season II variety show. Tokyo MX aired the episode on Tuesday.

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