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Takuma Suzuki, Yuu Mizushima also join cast for anime of Hitoshi Iwaaki's manga

The official website for Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu, the anime of Hitoshi Iwaaki's science-fiction horror manga Parasyte (Kiseijū), announced additional cast members on Wednesday.

The newly announced cast includes:

Akira Ishida (Naruto's Gaara, Neon Genesis Evangelion's Kaworu) as Hideo Shimada, Spoiler (highlight the following white text to read) a Parasite sent to watch Shinichi.

KENN (Hunter × Hunter's (TV 2011) Phinks, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!'s Dino) as Mitsuo, a delinquent at odds with Shinichi and his friends.

Yū Serizawa (Hi-sCool! Seha Girls' SG-1000, Dog & Scissors' Makishi Akizuki) as Makiko Hayase, a middle school girl Shinichi meets.

Takuma Suzuki (Cromartie High School's Shinjiro Hayashida, Zoids' Zeek) as Mamoru Uda, a man infested by a Parasite even though his brain survived, just like Shinichi. Ayumu Murase (Haikyu!!'s Shōyō Hinata) will play Uda's Parasite.

Yuu Mizushima (Legend of the Galactic Heroes' Neithardt Müller, Voltron's Isamu Kurogane) as Takeshi Hirokawa, Spoiler (highlight the following white text to read) the leader of a group of Parasites.

Previously announced cast members include:

Nobunaga Shimazaki (Free!'s Haru, Date A Live's Shido) as Shinichi Izumi

Aya Hirano (Fairy Tail's Lucy, Death Note's Misa) as Migi

Kana Hanazawa (Tokyo Ghoul's Rize, Persona 4 the Golden Animation's Marie) as Satomi Murano

Miyuki Sawashiro (Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei's Maria Tarō Sekiutsu, Beelzebub's Beelzebub) as Kana Kimishima

Atsuko Tanaka (Wolf's Rain's Jagara, Ghost in the Shell's Major Motoko Kusanagi) as Ryōko Tamiya

Hiroyuki Yoshino (Toradora!'s Kōji Haruta) as Uragami

Kiyono Yasuno (Wake Up, Girls!s Tina Kobayakawa) as Yuko Tachikawa

Rena Maeda (Hunter × Hunter (TV 2011)'s Machi) as Akiho Suzuki

Kenichi Shimizu is directing the series at studio Madhouse with Shoji Yonemura (Guin Saga, Glass Fleet) in charge of series composition. Tadashi Hiramatsu (Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, KareKano) is designing the characters and Ken Arai is composing the music.

The series premiered in October. Crunchyroll is streaming the series as it airs in Japan.

The manga takes place in a world where alien beings called Parasites come to Earth and start taking over humans by entering in through their noses and ears and attaching themselves to their brains. One alien called Migi is only able to take over high school student Shinichi Izumi's right arm, and is unable to control Shinichi completely. Migi and Shinichi learn to co-exist, and the two battle other Parasites who see humans only as food.

Iwaaki serialized the manga in Kodansha's Afternoon magazine from 1990-1995. Mixxine, the company that eventually became Tokyopop, published Parasyte in its Mixxine magazine and later in compiled book volumes. Del Rey then republished the series from 2007-2009, and Kodansha Comics republished the manga again from 2011-2012.

The manga will also get two live-action film adaptations, the first of which is slated to open in Japan on November 29, and the second film will open in 2015.

Source: Comic Natalie

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