Welcome to Irabu's Office/Kūchū Buranko Now Streaming on Viewster

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All eleven episodes of 2009 noitamina series streaming with English subtitles

The free streaming site Viewster is now streaming all eleven episodes of the anime Welcome to Irabu's Office: Flying Trapeze (Kūchū Buranko) with English subtitles.

Viewster describes the series:

Welcome to Irabu's Office, where you may be greeted by a man in a bear mask, holding a giant needle, who's ready to cure your ills. Based on the short stories "Psychiatrist Irabu" by Hideo Okuda, we get to know the eccentric Dr. Ichiro Irabu (Yūji Mitsuya) who has a fetish for injections, and a rather strange methodology. The series interweaves the stories of eleven different patients, each suffering from wildly different symptoms. Despite his weird approach, Dr. Irabu (who changes his appearance more than Madonna), does succeed in helping each of his patients ... eventually. With crazy visuals and a super-weird sense of humor, this is a unique entry in art-house anime style.

Welcome to Irabu's Office: Flying Trapeze first aired in October 2009 on Fuji TV's late-night Noitamina block. The voice cast include Romi Paku, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Yuji Mitsuya, and Yumi Sugimoto. Director Kenji Nakamura reunited with his Ayakashi - Samurai Horror Tales (Bakeneko) and Mononoke character designer and chief animation director Takashi Hashimoto for the project at Toei Animation.

Australian anime distributor Siren Visual released Welcome to Irabu's Office on DVD in February 2011. The series has never been released in North America.

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