JAST USA Adds Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque to Steam Greenlight

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
All ages version on Steam Greenlight, adult version available for preorder

North American publisher JAST USA added the all-ages Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque: Editio Acturi visual novel to Steam's Greenlight on Wednesday. On Steam Greenlight, if enough people vote to say that they would buy the game if it were available on Steam, then JAST USA would make the game available on the PC.

JAST USA describes the story:

Welcome to Stella Mundo, a magical world still recovering from the devastation of the Mage War that ended the Age of Towers. Domino, the youngest wizard ever to earn the rank of Archmage, has just begun his study of the ancient Dark Tower, a treasure trove of lost magical knowledge.

But there's a catch.

As its price for allowing him access to the tower, the corrupt Council of Archmagi has assigned Domino two gifted but troublesome students - Aria, the daughter of a noble family, and Kaya, an orphan with an unusual heritage - and given him just three years to complete their training, a process that normally takes decades.

As Domino, you must manage every aspect of Aria and Kaya's training in the magical arts. Take them to the classroom to grow the skills required to master powerful spells. Send them on quests to test their progress and show them the dangers that exist in the world. And mentor them in the value of friendship, a mage's strongest asset.

The adult version will also be available in physical and digital editions. JAST will release the digital version on December 22, but the physical version is currently delayed (note: product link is not safe for work).

The game is fully voiced in Japanese with English subtitles and features character designs by Oyari Ashito (Eiyuu Senki).

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