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Code Geass: Akito the Exiled's 3rd Episode Previewed in Video

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Yukana reprises role as C.C. in original video anime with May 2 premiere screening

The official website for the Code Geass: Akito the Exiled anime project unveiled the trailer for the third episode on Friday. The video features the anime's opening theme song, "More Than Words" by voice actress and singer Maaya Sakamoto.

Suzaku: Year 2017 in the Imperial Calendar. The Holy Britannia Empire invaded the European Union...
Lelouch: E.U.'s raid unit that is called by the codename "Ghost of Hannibal."
Text: The trap of a genius strategist
Klaus: I heard that they joined forces with an officer from Britannia...
Layla: It was a special, silver-colored nightmare.
Shin: Akito...
Akito: ...Brother...
Text: A fated reunion
Lelouch: The emperor only wants victory.
Old woman: You poor thing... You poor thing... You've been put under a curse, haven't you?
Layla: I was the only one who survived...
Akito: I won't make a slip-up like letting my commander die.
Text: The comrades gained, and the people he wants to protect
Yukiya: It's OK.
Girl: I sure would like to go with everyone to Japan.
Ashley: Is that what you say to me, the head of the knights!?
Suzaku: The knights...!
Shin: To the west is the European Union! To the east is the empire of Britannia! In order to survive, we must fight!
Text: And an enemy who reveals his true colors
Text: At this late point in time, what can be protected?
Lelouch: And so, the show begins.
Andrea: You scum...
Klaus: It would be best if we think that the enemy has already found out about our movements...
Old woman: You met the witch of the woods long ago, didn't you?
C.C.: Do you want to live?
Suzaku: Die!
Man: You're the same as me.
Lelouch: We are the fleet of the war to free the world.
Akito: I feel like something bad is definitely going to happen...
Layla: I want the power to live on my own.
Text: He becomes strong because he wants to protect
Akito: I'm fine on my own.
Ashley: Don't you screw with me!
Text: He becomes strong in order to protect
Sophie: Is that... a white demon!?
Shin: This is the world you wanted.
Suzaku: That's why-!
Akito: That's why I...
Layla: Akito...
Text & Suzaku: Are there still things left to him that he can protect?
Akito: That's why... I will kill him...

The video notes that Yukana will reprise her role as C.C. in the third episode.

The third episode, "Kagayaku Mono Ten Yori Otsu" (Something Sparkling Falling From Heaven), will premiere on May 2. The fourth and final episode, "Nikushimi no Kioku Kara" (From the Memories of Hatred), will premiere on July 4.

The second episode of the series premiered last September, and the third episode was scheduled to premiere this past spring, but it was delayed in March.

Thanks to Dennis R. for the embedded video

[Via 0takomu]

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