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Anime Release Updates

posted on by Andrew Osmond
More details of 2015 releases from Anime Limited, MVM and others

The new issues of Neo and MyM magazine report the following:

Anime Limited

The label will provisionally release Gekijō-ban Tiger & Bunny -The Rising- (Blu-ray, DVD) 'early' in 2015 - this is the feature film sequel to the Tiger & Bunny series. Short Peace (the four short films) is also planned for Q1.

Mai Mai Miracle is planned for Q2, along with a Blu-ray and DVD of Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (pictured right); a Blu-ray and DVD of Samurai Flamenco; A Letter to Momo; the Blu-ray edition of Baccano!; and a "Shinkai Collection," which Neo describes as 'the combined works of director Makoto Shinkai in one set.'

Tokyo Ghoul (Blu-ray, DVD) will follow in Q3, along with a Collectors Edition of Full Metal Panic!, plus Psychic School Wars.

Q4 will see Terror in Resonance (Blu-ray, DVD), along with a Blu-ray 'Ultimate Edition' release of Vision of Escaflowne (pictured left); this will follow the lines of the Gurren Lagaan Ultimate Edition.

Andrew Partridge of Anime Limited also referred in Neo to 'a yet to be announced film that's out of the usual and a shorts series that blew us away online.'


MVM will release tsuritama (pictured right) as a complete DVD collection in March. ef: a tale of memories and ef: a tale of melodies will appear as a single set on March 9.

No Game, No Life will be on both DVD and Blu-ray.

Manga Entertainment

Manga Entertainment will release the final two episodes of Hellsing Ultimate on Blu-ray and DVD, date unconfirmed.


Warner Home Video will release the live-action film version of Black Butler on February 23, both as a DVD and a Blu-ray steelbook.

The live-action Tokyo Tribe, directed by Sion Sono, will be released by Eureka in spring.

The World of Kanako, a live-action film which includes animation by Studio 4c (director Tetsuya Nakashima), will be released by Third Window in summer.

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