FROGMAN's 3rd The Rose of Versailles Parody Short Streamed

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Tomokazu Sugita joins cast, dresses up as character from flash shorts

DLE Inc. began streaming the second animated short of FROGMAN's The Rose of Versailles remake for the parody project "Channel 5.5" on Wednesday.

In the episode, Oscar and her friends go to a low-class Japanese bar. The customers ask for Western items, like cake and bread. When threatened, the waiter notes that he doesn't have bread or cake, but he has Calorie Mate, and explains its nutrition. After Marie decides she wants Calorie Mate, the waiter comments sarcastically on the flowers that appear around her. When the waiter suggests that Oscar has feelings for Axel, she denies it with thunder booming in the background, to which the waiter comments, "First it was flower petals, now it's thunder?" She begins to dramatically think about her possible romantic feelings toward Axel. In shock, a lightning bolt falls on the waiter's wife. The fiasco ends when Axel says, "I suppose a Japanese bar did not suit us," and the group leaves.

Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama, Senki Zessho Symphogear G) makes his debut in the series as Axel von Fersen. A picture of Sugita dressed in garb themed after the manga (seen right) was also revealed.

The first Frogman short parodying The Rose of Versailles premiered in November. Mayo Suzukaze, who played Oscar in the stage musicals of The Rose of Versailles at the Takarazuka Revue, is reprising her role in this and upcoming shorts. Sora Amamiya plays Marie Antoinette.

The "Channel 5.5" project is a parody anime series that releases videos of famous manga on an irregular schedule. The story premise behind the project is a fictional television station that people can only catch if they press the "5" and "6" buttons on their remotes simultaneously. A Ghost in the Shell "remake" series was streamed in April.

The rest of the fourth season of "Channel 5.5" will parody The Rose of Versailles series.

FROGMAN is the "director/writer/character designer/sound recording engineer/Flash animator/editor/voice actor" of the Eagle Talon web series. The production company DLE Inc. and FROGMAN launched the first Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume (Secret Society Eagle Talon) television series in 2006, and the series spawned five films, an original video anime, and more television anime series. The sixth move, Taka no Tsume 7 Joō Heika Joboob, is slated for April 4. He already worked on Flash-animated projects for manga such as Thermae Romae, Shima Kōsaku and Lupin III.

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