Go! Princess Precure's Story, Characters, Staff Unveiled

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3 middle school girls at boarding school transform into princesses in February anime

The official website for Go! Princess Precure, the 12th Precure magical girl television anime series premiering on February 1, confirmed its story, characters, main staff, and theme song singers on Friday. The keyword of the new series is "princess," and the source of the Precures' power is "dreams."

The story is set in Noble Academy, the first boarding junior high school in the Precure franchise. The anime depicts the excitement of dorm life, coming of age while living with friends, and the anticipation and anxiety of a new life among roommates, separated from family.

The heroine Haruka Haruno is a first-year student at Noble Academy. Even now, she has cherished a dream of becoming a princess, like those from her precious picture books. Long ago, she made a promise with a boy named Kanata to never give up the dream.

One day, the "Princess Precures" were revived by the Princess Perfume (and Kanata's dress-shaped "Dress-Up Key" that unlocks the Princess Perfume's power), and Haruka transforms into the flower princess Cure Flora. When unleashing their special signature moves, the Princess Precures' outfits turn into magnificent princess-like Mode Elegant long dresses.

Haruka also meets two new companions. Minami Kaidō is a second-year student and the student council president nicknamed the "school princess." She also happens to transform into the sea princess Cure Mermaid.

Haruka's classmate and popular model Kirara Amanogawa is also the star princess Cure Twinkle. The three princesses join forces in battle to protect people's dreams from the dreadful dark witch Dispia's plot to turn them into despair.

Pafu and her older brother Aroma are fairies who came from Hope Kingdom in search of the Princess Precures.

Haruka's childhood acquaintance Kanata happens to be Prince Hope Grand Kanata from the Hope Kingdom.

Yūta Tanaka, an episode director who worked on the franchise since Suite Precure, is serving as the series director of the new anime. Hitoshi Tanaka is in charge of the series scripts. The 2014 Miss Universe Japan competition's Nara representative Karin Isobe is performing the opening theme song "Miracle Go! Princess Precure," and stage musical actress Rie Kitagawa is performing the ending theme "Dreaming Princess Precure."

The end of first episode will reveal a password on February 1. Each person who gives the password at toy stores throughout Japan will receive a DVD present.

Source: Oricon

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