Singer Miwa to Play Original Doraemon Character Waamii

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Cheerful tomboy from space to appear with miwa herself in 1-hour special

Singer-songwriter miwa will voice the original character Waamii in the one-hour Doraemon television anime special which will air on December 30 at 5:30 p.m. Waamii is a spirited and cheerful tomboyish girl who came from the planet Pororon. She flies around on her cherished guitar, and in times of trouble, she attack enemies by playing her guitar.

This will be miwa's first foray as a voice actress. The singer will appear as herself along with Waamii during the bridge segments between the three story episodes that make up the one-hour special. She will interact with Doraemon (including carrying on the running gag that people mistake the robot cat for a tanuki creature) and sing "nonsensical" songs.

The three stories in the one-hour special are the adventure story "Uchū Senkan Nobita o Osou" (The Space Warship Attacks Nobita), the moving "Omoidase! Ano Hi no Kandō" (Remember!That Day's Impression) story that will invoke memories of something forgotten, and "Osusowake Gum" (Gum to Share) about a "dream" gadget that sends food to your mouth.

The singer is also performing the theme song for Doraemon: Nobita no Space Heroes Uchū Eiyū-ki (Doraemon: Nobita's Space Hero Record of Space Heroes), the film that is opening in Japan next March.

Nobita: I wish I could be a cool hero that protected the galaxy!
Suneo, Gian, Shizuka: The Miracle Galaxy Squad is here
Nobita: Doraemon...
Doraemon: When you use my secret tool Burger Director, you can film real hero play time!
Text: 5 Space Heroes are born!
Giant: All right!
Gian: It's finally getting to be like a hero movie!
Suneo: Aren't they overdoing this a bit!?
Doraemon: This is the director's plan, too.
Aron: I'm Aron, from Planet Pockle! My planet has been taken over by pirates.
Suneo: It's so REAL!
Aron: Please lend me your help to save Pockle!
Nobita: Leave it to us!
Shizuka: To protect the peace of the galaxy...
Gian: We'll blow away any bad g-
Doraemon: This... Is different! It's not a movie! They're real bad guys!
HYDE: Goodbye, Planet Pockle!
Computer: 10 seconds till blastoff.
Suneo: This is impossible! We're not real heroes!
Computer: 5 seconds.
Nobita: It's OK...
Computer: 4
Nobita: We can definitely become real heroes!

The previous film in the franchise titled Doraemon Shin Nobita no Daimakyo ~Peko to 5-nin no Tankentai~ opened this past March. The English broadcast of the Doraemon television anime premiered on Disney XD earlier this year.

Sources:, MyNavi News

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