Patema Inverted Collector's DVD/Blu-ray Released Monday

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Third edition of film released by Anime Limited.

On Monday December 29, Anime Limited is releasing its DVD/Blu-ray Collector's Edition of the film Patema Inverted (following its 'standard' Blu-ray/DVD combo pack edition and an 'Ultimate' Edition earlier this month). It includes a 48-page short story booklet and other extras. GKids summarised the film story as follows:

Patema lives in an underground world of tunnels, the long-abandoned ruins of a giant industrial complex. Though she is a princess, she is held back by the rules imposed by the elders of her clan. One day when she is exploring in a forbidden zone, she is startled by a strange bat-like creature and tumbles headlong into a void and out into the wide-open world above the surface – a place in which Patema risks “falling up” into the sky and being lost forever. Student Age lives on this surface world, a totalitarian society whose compliant population has been brainwashed against the “sinners who fell into the sky.”

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