NIS President: 'PS Vita Version of Disgaea 5 is Impossible'

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Sohei Niikawa also gives reason behind PS4-only game, notes that 2 more unannounced titles are being prepared

Nippon Ichi Software president Sohei Niikawa revealed in an interview in the 581st issue of Kadokawa's Dengeki PlayStation magazine on December 25 that a PlayStation Vita version of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Makai Senki Disgaea 5 game is not possible.

He commented on many fans asking for the port, saying,

...I know that there are many consumers who would like this. However, we are developing the game with PlayStation 4 specs, so to be honest, it's impossible to port the game to the PlayStation Vita. Porting the game without erasing a lot of features and cutting down the amount of assets would be very difficult, and of course, we do not wish to do that. I think there are people waiting for a "Return" version with all of the contents [and DLC] included, but I'm sorry, that will not happen this time. (laughs) If we were to port the game to a portable system, fans would probably have to wait for the next portable system after the Vita, but I haven't heard anything about this [system], so that would be far in the future. Disgaea 5 will have Remote Play. Do not wait for a PS Vita port, and please, play the PlayStation 4 version.

In addition, when Niikawa was asked about why the game is being released on only the PlayStation 4, he replied, saying that the team originally intended for the game to be multi-platform release for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. By looking at just the Japanese marketplace, the team knows this surely would have gotten the strongest sales for the company. However, when thinking about consumer game marketplace, the team realized that if the PlayStation 4 does not sell well in Japan, there is no future for the platform. He noted that Nippon Ichi Software has been publishing its games on Sony platforms since the release of Jigsaw World on the original PlayStation in 1995, and wanted to assist the growth of the PlayStation 4 as much as it could because of this.

Niikawa also commented on a feature of the upcoming game, saying that curry will be a large theme of the game. Although it will be mascot character Usaria's favorite food, it will also be a major element in the story as well as the game's system. Niikawa also announced that a collaboration between the game and Japanese curry restaurant chain GO!GO!CURRY! has been green-lit.

In conclusion, Niikawa noted that all development at Nippon Ichi Software has shifted to the PlayStation 4, and that the company is currently preparing to produce two titles besides Disgaea 5.

The game will debut on March 26 in Japan. The limited edition package of the game will come with an "Usaria & Yellow Prinny" Niitengo mini figure, a hardcover art book, a 2-disc original soundtrack, and a box with original artwork to contain everything. Those who pre-order the game will receive a download code for an alternate bunny girl outfit for Seraphina. The limited edition pack of the game will retail for 10,200 yen (about US$102), the normal version will sell for 7,200 yen (US$72), and a downloadable copy will cost 6,171 yen (US$62).

Nippon Ichi Software describes the story:

The strongest and most evil Overlord, Void Dark. Under his control, many Netherworlds have been overrun by his underlings and kept under his power. Void Dark controls a large army of Lost, beings that have strayed from the path of any morality. It is rumored that the number of soldiers in his army is ten billion.

It appeared that no one in the Netherworld had the power to stand up against Void Dark and his army... However, the Netherworld is vast. In order to take their revenge on Void Dark due to their personal grudges, multiple Overlords quietly take a stand.

NISA will release the game in North America in fall 2015. A western release was confirmed in September, but no release date was announced.

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