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Moetan's POP Collaborates on New Moe Ultraman Comedy Manga

posted on by Karen Ressler
Designer personifies Alien Mephilas monster as cute girl

This year's third issue of Akita Shoten's Young Champion magazine is announcing on Tuesday that a gag comedy manga series titled Ultra Kaijū Gijinka Keikaku: feat. POP Comic code (Ultra Monster Personification Project: feat. POP Comic code) will begin in the following issue on January 27. Designer POP (Kowarekake no Orgel, Moetan, Haitai Nanafa) is designing the characters, and Shun Kazakami is drawing the manga itself. Ultraman's Tsuburaya Productions is credited as the original creator.

The gag series will anthropomorphize Alien Mephilas, one of the kaiju (monsters) in The Ultraman series, as a cute high school girl. The story will take place at a "Kaiju Grave Academy."

The project announced the manga Ultra Kaijū Giginka Keikaku: The 4-Koma (Ultra Monster Personification Project The 4-Panel Manga) in August. Bakutendo draws the series for Kadokawa's Dengeki G's Magazine.

Other personified Ultraman kaiju, from a number of different designers, appear in Ultra Kaijū Giginka Keikaku: The 4-Koma:



Alien Pegassa

Alien Gutts

Alien Zetton



The project has also spawned a number of goods including figures and t-shirts.

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