Itaru Hinoue's Holy Breaker Game Gets Sequel

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Visual novel that debuted at Comiket 87 to ship on February 27

The official website for illustrator Itaru Hinoue's (Kanon, Air, Clannad, Little Busters!) Holy Breaker! -The Witch Betrayed Blue Moon Wicca- game announced on Friday that a sequel is in the works. The website also announced that regular sales of the original PC game will begin on February 27.

The game's preorder period opened on Friday. The game will be available for Windows PC for 2,800 yen (about US$24). People who preorder the game will receive a set of two miniature paper boards signed by Hinoue.

The original game debuted at the Comic Market 87 event at the Tokyo Big Sight venue between December 28 and 30. The game's official Twitter account noted that the packaging of the game's regular version will differ from the Comic Market version. The package contents will be basically the same, but the regular version will also bundle a soundtrack CD.

The official website lists the story:

The world was created by weapons. When two moons float in the sky, the legend becomes reality, and the hidden power within weapons is awakened. Now, under those two moons, a black witch and white demon-hunter oppose each other. Tsukumo Izumi, a high school boy who witnessed their fighting, is pulled into the fate carried by the two girls.

The characters include:

Minase Tenma, the black witch. It is said that she is the most active within the darkness of history. However, in truth, she is a quack who knows nothing about the world. Her ability to remember things is very weak, and she doesn't even remember things from just a little while ago. She uses one of the ten legendary weapons, a sickle, and her power in battle is very high.

Haruka Abeno, the daugter of the Abeno family of demon-hunters which has passed down one of the legendary weapons- the chain- for generations. It is said that her family has the strongest spiritual sense out of all the families in history. She is very high-class, has the sensibilities of a rich person, and reacts to matters in an innocent way. She is secretly trying to collect all ten legendary weapons. A bit of a clean-freak.

The roster of characters also includes Tsukumo Izumi, the protagonist. A second-year student in high school, he witnesses the fighting between Minase and Haruka. Because of this, he becomes involved in their battle. The kind of person to take various matters into his own hands, he oftens sticks his nose into anything. He has a younger sister named Tomoko who is currently hospitalized, and he is constantly worrying about her.

Leo Kashida wrote the scenario, Donmaru handled sound, and Faylan performed the game's theme song. The project originally began as an illustration featured on a tapestry sold on April 29 at the Character1 event.

Visual Arts began streaming a promotional video in December:

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