Sekai Project Licenses Hitomebore, Kokonoe Kokoro Visual Novels

posted on by Egan Loo
Also licenses Ame no Marginal from Narcissu creator Tomo Kataoka

English localization group Sekai Project announced at its AOD 2015 panel on Saturday that it licensed the Hitomebore and Kokonoe Kokoro games.

In the Hitomebore visual novel, the player interacts with Sachi Usui, a single-eyed high school girl covered in wounds. The circle "FreakilyCharming" released the all-ages title at Comitia 107 last year. Sekai Project plans to release it for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

In the Kokonoe Kokoro visual novel, the player deals with emotions with his childhood friend — a grasshopper girl — and his little sister — a bat girl. The group nostalgia released the all-ages monster-girl romantic dating simulator for Windows in 2013.

Sekai Project had announced on Friday that it will release Ame no Marginal (Rain Marginal), the newest visual novel from Narcissu creator Tomo Kataoka, via Steam for US$9.99 in 2015. Sekai Project said that Stage-nana's software tells "the story of a man who steps into an elevator, only to find himself transported to a strange and mysterious world. In this world, there is no time, no aging, no hunger, not even death. There is nothing to be seen but weathered stone, white clouds, and endless rain. The only other person there, Rin, tells him to get out."

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