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Adult Manga Publisher Fakku Books Adds Okama's Hanafuda

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

North American adult manga publisher Fakku Books announced on Wednesday that it will publish Okama's Hanafuda erotic manga. The one-volume manga was published by Wanimagazine in Japan in 2002. Fakku Books describes the story:

Hanafuda tells the supernatural tale of Izuna, a noble turned demon hunter, travelling across Japan to slay the oni that stole the life of his beloved Lady Kiri. Izuna encounters a young fox that possesses the ability to shapeshift and the duo journey together to exact revenge on the oni. Hanafuda, or "flower cards", is a Japanese card game where each suit of cards represents a month and flower. Like the game, each chapter in Hanafuda corresponds to a different suit.

Okama is a popular illustrator whose works include character designs for Glass Fleet, Himawari!, Saint October, Getsumen to Heiki Mina, Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, and Captain Earth.

Hentai website Fakku entered a partnership with Japanese publisher Wanimagazine last year. The new company published Renai Sample by Homunculus and will ship PuniKano by Pyon­-Kti, Welcome to Tokoharu Apartments by Gunma Kisaragi, Alluring Woman by Cuvie, and Peachy-Butt Girls (The Pretty Peach Hip) by Bosshi in March.

The titles will be available through the Fakku website's store (link is not safe for work).

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