Garo -Gold Storm- Shō Film's Trailer, 2nd Teaser Video Streamed

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Film will debut March 28, followed by TV series in spring

The official website of the film Garo -Gold Storm- Shō began streaming a trailer on Thursday.

The website also streamed a second teaser last week:

Priest Sōtatsu: "Agō, do you know why you were created?"
Narrator: "The war against the demon Horrors has continued since ages past...
Narrator: "And there are still those who give everything to fight them."
Text: A new Garo series with Ryūga Dōgai.
Narrator: "A new Garo series is born once again!
Text: Creator/Director: Keita Amemiya.
Agō: "Without light there can be no darkness."
Agō: "What should be severed is not the Inga, but human hearts!"
Text: "Man must be destroyed."
Agō: "I will put an end to humanity!"
Ryūga Dōgai: "Your answer is wrong!"
Narrator: Garo The Movie -Gold Storm- Shō.

Garo -Gold Storm- Shō, a new series with Ryūga Dōgai as the lead character, will debut with this theatrical film on March 28, followed by a television series next spring. Ryūga was the lead character in the 2013 television series Garo: Yami o Terasu Mono. Franchise creator Keita Amemiya is writing and directing the movie, and Wataru Kuriyama will star as Ryūga.

Garo -Gold Storm- Shō is part of a multiple new projects based on the Garo franchise, which includes new films, television shows, anime film, a second season of the anime, and a stage musical.

The Garo drama franchise has a dark story that revolves around "Makai Knights," humans who fight against demonic beings called Horrors. The first 25-episode television series in 2005 revolves around Makai Knight Kōga Saejima, who tries to save a girl named Kaoru from her fate of death after being tainted by demon blood.

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