Naruto Stage Musical Unveils Teams 8, 10 in Costume

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Ino, Shikamaru, Chōji, Kiba, Hinata, Shino revealed for musical debuting in March

The stage musical Live Spectacle Naruto unveiled more character visuals for the supporting cast members in costume on Friday:

Anju Inami as Ino Yamanaka

Tsubasa Hattori as Shikamaru Nara

Ryō Katō as Chōji Akimichi

Yūta Iiyama as Kiba Inuzuka

Saki Takahashi as Hinata Hyūga

Shinichirō Ueda as Shino Aburame

The previously unveiled cast members include:

Kōdai Matsuoka as Naruto

Ryūji Satō as Sasuke

Yui Itō as Sakura

Kenta Suga as Gaara

Kimisawa Yūki as Kakashi Hatake

Asahi Uchida as Zabuza Momochi

Miho Imamura as Haku

Hidekazu Ichinose as Iruka Umino

Kazuhiro Hirakawa as The Third Hokage

Hiro Yūmi as Orochimaru

Yoshiaki Umegaki as Jiraiya

Tatsunari Kimura as Kabuto Yakushi

The musical's website also hosts a television commercial and visual:

The musical will cover the manga's story from the first to 27th volume. The production will include drama, songs, dance, and acrobatics.

The musical will run from March 21 to April 5 in the AiiA Theater Tokyo, followed by performances in Fukuoka (April 10-12), Osaka (April 17-19), Miyagi (April 23-25), and then Tokyo again (April 29-May 10). Dates for overseas shows were also revealed. The musical opens in Macau's Venetian Theatre from May 22 to 24, in Malaysia's Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre from May 30 to 31, and in Singapore's Resort World Theater from June 6 to 7. Tickets are now on sale at LAWSON Ticket, e+, Ticket Pia, and other play guide venues.

The musical is part of the ongoing Naruto Shin Jidai Kaimaku Project" (Naruto's New Era Opening Project) that continues after the ending of the original manga in November.

Images © Masashi Kishimoto, Scott / Shueisha
© Live Spectacle Naruto Production Committee 2015

Source: Comic Natalie

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