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Anime Studios Robot, Colorido Make 3rd Ad for Marukome Miso

posted on by Karen Ressler
A father and daughter share a midnight snack of miso soup

The anime studios Robot and Colorido animated a third commercial for Marukome, a food company best known for its Ryōtei no Aji (First-Class Flavor) miso products. The 30-second and 90-second versions of the "Ryōtei no Aji Cup Miso-Shiru Yashoku-hen" (Ryōtei no Aji Brand Cup Miso Soup: Late-Night Snack) ad are streaming on Marukome's website, and will debut on television on February 22.

Girl (Kaoruko Negishi): Mom?
Girl: Mom, is it raining?
Girl: Lately, I just can't talk to dad.
Girl: I'm going out.
Mom (Akemi Nagayama): Oh, it's early, isn't it?
Dad (Tadashi Wakabayashi): How was the test?
Mom: The usual.
Dad: Lately, I just can't talk to my daughter.
Girl: I'm tired.
Mom: That girl is always working late into the night. It's tough to be a student preparing to take a test.
Girl: Oh, that's thoughtful.
Girl: Mom, thanks for the light night snack last night.
Mom: Huh? What's that?
Girl: Eh?
Dad: I was a little hungry... would you like to eat, too?
Girl: Dad's onigiri were misshapen, but his miso soup was warm.
Dad: Between the Okaka and the apricot, which do you like?
Girl: Okaka.
Dad: Let's rock paper scissors for the first one.

The second short commercial premiered in October:

Sister 2: Papa!
Dad: Thanks for coming.
Narrator: A father's daughters came to his apartment away from home.
Dad: Don't you guys have too much luggage?
Sister 1: It's a secret!
Sister 2: A secret!
Mom: Oh, that luggage... Well, I wonder what it could be.
Dad: Oh come on...
Mom: Huh? Papa's favorite things?
Sister 2: We're gonna make a feast!
Sister 1: Yeah!
Sister 2: There we go!
Dad: Huh? A feast?
Mom: Hm... Well, I guess it would have to be a fluffy and sweet omelette...
Sister 2: An omelette!
Mom: Hamburger steak with lots of onions!
Sister 2: Hamburger!
Dad: Are you two OK on your own?
Dad: You know what, maybe it would be best if I helped-
Sister 1: Papa, you sit down.
Sister 2: Sit down!
Mom: For the rice, make it a little on the hard side...
Sister 1: Hard...
Dad: They sure got bigger when I wasn't looking...
Sister 1: Because I don't think papa has eaten anything good.
Girl: That's why we're making him a feast, right?
Sister 1: Right!
Sister 1: I'm so sorry...!
Dad: The making of the food was a mess. But...
Dad: Yeah, it's delicious. Tastes like Mom's.
Sister 1: Dad, do your best at work, OK?
Dad: Y-yeah. That's good.

Robot produced or co-produced Kunio Katō's Oscar-winning short "La Maison en Petits Cubes," Yoshiyuki Tomino's 30th anniversary short "Ring of Gundam," and the anime film Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. Studio Colorido produced Takashi Nakamura's "Shashinkan" short, Hiroyasu Ishida's "Hinata no Aoshigure" short, and Noitamina's 10th anniversary short "Poulette no Isu" (Poulette's Chair).

Source: Anime!Anime!

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