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'MechaTsuku' Contest Finalist Videos Preview 5 Potential Mecha Anime

posted on by Karen Ressler
Winning promo video will get anime on Fuji TV

Smartphone novel production company Every Star began streaming five promotional videos for the finalists in its "Bokutachi no Mitai Mecha Anime o Tsukurou Seisaku Iinkai" ('Let's make the mecha anime we want to see' production committee), or "MechaTsuku" for short, contest on Sunday. The video with the highest play count by March 31 will get an anime adaptation on Fuji TV.

The projects are:

Enthusiast! -The Custom-

Enthusiast! -The Custom takes place in a world where custom robots race parkour-style through the Tokyo streets. The main character is 29-year-old Masaaki Takahashi who one day sees a "mech battle race" on the way home from work, and it ignites his passion. His two main rivals are the charismatic racer Yusuke Nishijima and the genius high school girl Chihiro Sone.

RS Project

RS Project (originally proposed as "F.S. Project" for "Find Storage") takes place in a parallel world that resembles modern Japan, but where alien lifeforms known as "Kikō" (Trick) fell from the sky ten years prior and started attacking humanity. The main characters are a pilot, Mizuru Mido, and her assistant, Fuu Sagami, who use a mecha made out of an enemy's remains. However, battle causes memory loss for the pilot, and they must unravel the mystery as to why.


deadEndSparks takes place in the near future, after giant monsters attacked and were fought off by a "super hero team" of mecha pilots. Years later, however, a terrorist organization called "triple negative" starts using the mecha. The story stars Kazuma, who has chūnibyo. He has lost his memory and doesn't know that he really was the leader of the super hero team that saved the planet.

Gyōkō no Dean-Drive (Day Break Dean-Drive)

Day Break Dean-Drive takes place in the distant future, when humanity is in a reconstruction period after losing its technological advancements. One day, monsters attack from the sky and 14-year-old Asuna Seo loses her home and mother. She must overcome her trauma and become a pilot for one of the mecha that has been excavated from ancient ruins to fight back.

Star Storks (~Hoshi no Yarikago~)

Star Storks takes place 10,000 years in the future, when Mecha are protecting earth from aliens and trying to revive humanity from extinction. Finally, a human child is created, but only one. Three mecha—walking heavy tank Gimlet, mechanical knight Daiquiri, and highly intelligent faster-than-light rocket Moscow Mule—are assigned to escort the child to another galaxy in hopes of finding other humans.

The contest opened last March. Phase one asked for general outlines of a proposed 60-minute mecha anime. Phase two, held in June, asked for separate entries in character design, mechanical design, and screenplay. Every Star then produced the short videos.

[Via Otakomu]

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