Precure/Whisper of the Heart Voice Actress Youko Honna Is 6 Months Pregnant

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Voice of Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black, Angelique's Ange will still attend Precure event

Voice actress Youko Honna announced on her official blog on Thursday that she is six months pregnant. She expressed her surprise at her expanding stomach and other changes in her body and state of mind. She noted:

I feel the baby's movements 24 hours a day (24 Live Another Day debuted on March 4. I dubbed the heroine Kate, sort of a female Jack Bauer) … I'm going to become a Mamacure!? That's unbelievable!!!!!! (Mamacure's a word used often among us Precure voice actresses) … By the way, I think many of you have already heard this whispered (It's the 20th anniversary of Whisper of the Heart this year!), but I will attend the March 13 talk show "Futari wa Precure Movie Revival Screening…

Honna announced last July she had married a person, unrelated to the industry, that she had been dating for some time. She is possibly best known for her role as Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black in the first Precure anime Futari wa Pretty Cure and its sequel Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, as well as the franchise's many films. She also played the roles of protagonist Shizuku in the Whisper of the Heart film, the heroine Ange in Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique: Kokoro no Mezameru Toki and its sequel, Taeko when she was in fifth grade in Only Yesterday, Sumeragi Lee Noriega in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Vasilisa in A Certain Magical Index II.

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