Atelier Voice Actors Mitsuhiro Ichiki, Nana Inoue Announce Marriage

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Voices of Lias, Ena, Magikano's Haruo, Rika also announce fan event to celebrate marriage

Voice actor Mitsuhiro Ichiki and voice actress Nana Inoue both announced on Monday that they have gotten married.

33-year old Ichiki asked fans to continue to cheer him on with no change, and he added that although he knows fans might be surprised by the announcement, he himself is as well. He also wrote that he is extremely grateful that Nana Inoue is there to accept him as he is, despite his inexperience.

31-year old Inoue wrote in a letter she posted on Twitter that although she was known as being very serious, Ichiki melted her heart, and that she is at ease just by being together with him. She also added that even though she has married, she will keep her name the same as a voice actress, and will continue working. She also announced that the two will be holding an event for fans celebrating their marriage, which was green-lit by their respective agencies after the two suggested it.

Voice actress Kanako Sakai also congratulated the couple on their marriage, noting that while she is happy for the Inoue, she also feels a bit lonely. She also wrote, "Excuse me!? A marriage event!? What the heck is up with that fun-sounding event!?" In conclusion, she asked fans to please watch over Inoue, who she writes will become an even more interesting person.

Both Ichiki and Inoue played main roles together in the Magikano anime as Rika and Haruo. Inoue is also well-known for her roles as Otome Kurogane in Tsuyokiss - Cool×Sweet, Lana in Haitai Nanafa, and Mahiro Sendo in the Memories Off franchise. Ichiki played Yūki Fukuzawa in the various Maria Watches Over Us television anime series, Takeyama in Angel Beats, and Naoya in Maid Sama!

Ichiki and Inoue also played characters in Gust's Atelier series, with Ichiki playing Lias Falken in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland and Inoue playing Ena in Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy and the male Hom in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland.

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