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Naomi claims Ange is wearing her rider suit in video for game releasing on May 28

The official website for the the Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryū no Rondo tr. PlayStation Vita game began streaming two new commercials for the game on Friday. The commercials feature narration by Naomi (voiced by Sayuri Hara) and Ange (Nana Mizuki), as well as the anime's first opening theme song, "Kindan no Resistance" (Forbidden Resistance.)

Naomi: Hey Ange, isn't that my rider suit?
Ange: Excuse me? What are you talking about!?
Text: In order to deepen bonds with allies...
Text: Communicate with touch!
Naomi: Well, 'cause, my name is written here...
Ange: Ah! Hey! Where do you think you're touching!?
Text: Who is the heroine you will share your fate with?
Naomi: Huh? The area around the stomach is kinda tight...
Ange: Shut uuuuuuuup!
Ange & Naomi: Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryū no Rondo tr., to be released on May 28. These are the bonuses!

Narrator: Eight girls that fight in order to survive. Within a fate that sways like a melody, what is the new story that they weave?
Text: The swaying story of the girls
Text: They fight in order to survive!
Text: The story is reborn anew!
Narrator: Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryū no Rondo tr.. The bonus for first copies is a Cross Ange original custom theme.

The game features a new original protagonist character named Naomi, who is voiced by Sayuri Hara (Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, The [email protected] Cinderella Girls). In the game, Naomi fights alongside the Normas in order to return a monetary debt. She graduated from Arzenal's junior class, and now is enrolled in the first brigade. When the creative staff were asked at the second Cross Ange fan event in Ikebukuro last month about Naomi's connection to the owner of the rider suit that appeared in episode two, they replied that there might or not be a connection, and that fans will have to play to find out.

The player will take control of Naomi, and choose which Norma heroines for her to form trusting relationships with. In order to survive, the player will also take part in shooting sections to fight dragons.

The game is separated into three parts: the drama part where the story progresses, the customizing part, where the player customizes Naomi's Para-mail with parts bought with money from killing dragons, and the battle part, where Naomi fights incoming foes. By increasing friendships with the Normas in Arzenal during the drama part, Naomi might receive support during battle from those she has befriended. The first half of the game will focus on DRAGON-hunting, but characters that appear later in the anime, like Salamandinay and Embryo, will also appear in the game.

The game will ship on May 28. First copies of the game will include an original custom theme for the PlayStation Vita. The theme will feature illustrations of the eight heroines.

The Sunrise television anime premiered in Japan in October, Crunchyroll is streaming the series as it airs in Japan, and Sentai Filmworks licensed the series in North America.

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