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Supanova Pop Culture Expo Starts 2015 This Weekend in Melbourne

posted on by Jon Hayward
The Supanova Pop Culture Expo starts off it's first event for 2015 this weekend from Friday the 10th to Sunday the 12th of April in Melbourne at the Melbourne Showgrounds. The special guests include voice actors Todd Haberkorn, Robbie Daymond, Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern.


  • When: 6pm to 10pm Friday the 10th of April (Supanova Preview Night), 10am to 6pm Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of April (Main Show).
  • Where: Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Road, Ascot Vale, Victoria 3032.
  • How Much: Weekend Pass - $50 online $70 at the door. Day Pass - $32 online $40 at the door.


Todd Haberkorn

An Actor, Director, Producer and Writer, Todd Haberkorn also provides the lead roles of Natsu Dragneel in Fairy Tail, Kimihiro Watanuki in xxxHOLiC, kimimaro Yoga in C – Control – The Money and Soul of Possibility, Allen Walker in D.Gray-man, Tsukune Aono in Rosario + Vampire and Death the Kid in Soul Eater. This is in addition to Keroro in Sgt. Frog, Hikaru Hitachiin in Ouran High School Host Club, Izumo Kusanagi in K, Keisuke Takahashi in Initial D, Italy in Hetalia - Axis Powersand Momo'o Inugami in Good Luck Girl!. In recent years Todd has been the voice of the villainous Oberon / Nobuyuki Sugo in Sword Art Online and he has been cast as Ayato Kirishima in Tokyo Ghoul.

Robbie Daymond

While a relative new-comer to anime voice acting, Robbie is no stranger to the stage having been an actor from an early age and now appears in live-action, voice over and video game roles. Robbie's first major anime voice acting role was Porta in last year's "Patema Inverted" and since then he was cast in the role of Tuxedo Mask / Mamoru Chiba for the Sailor Moon and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon english dubs. You can also hear Robbie in the recently released Final Fantasy Type-0.

Richard Epcar

Richard is a american voice actor, director, ADR Director and script writer who has been in the industry for years and operates his own voice over production company in LA. Richard has been voicing roles so long he is the original english voice of Batou in Ghost in the Shell from the original movie through to the end of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. He's played Goemon Ishikawa XIII in the classic Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro, Daisuke Jigen in Lupin III: Part II and the Pioneer dub of Lupin the 3rd: The Mystery of Mamo and most recently crossed off playing Inspector Zenigata in Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. Richard has also been responsible for voicing several digimon roles in multiple series including Etemon and Myotismon in Digimon Adventure up to Merukimon in Digimon: Data Squad and has voiced several monsters in Power Rangers over the years from the original Mighty Morphin all the way through to Wild Force.

Let's not forget his video game roles including Dong Zhuo in Dynasty Warriors, Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts II, Ziggurat 8 in Xenogears Episodes 1 through 3 and the voice of Raiden in Mortal Kombat.

Ellyn Stern

A classically trained voice actress, Ellyn is no stranger to stage or screen. Ellyn has voiced such characters as Rosalind in Armitage III, Jack's mom in MAR, Ichigo's mother in Bleach Miyuki Goto in Noein and most recently Martha Vist Carbine in Gundam Unicorn.


If you want to catch Cosplay at Supanova Melbourne, here's the times and locations;

  • Saturday

    • 11:20am - Madman National Cosplay Championship - Cosplay Theatre.
    • 4:20pm - Supanova Cosplay Competition - Cosplay Theatre.
  • Sunday

    • 4:00pm - Madman Cosplay Competition - Madman National Cosplay Championship Theatre

Madman has a couple of important panels over the weekend potentially with special announcements;

  • Saturday 1:00pm - AnimeLab Surprise Premiere - Anime Theatre.
  • Sunday 11:00am - Madman Keynote with Sly followed by another AnimeLab Surprise Premiere - Anime Theatre.

You can find the schedule for Supanova Melbourne here.

Full information on Supanova Melbourne including location and directions and ticket prices are simple to find. But you can visit Supanova's website or facebook page for further information.

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