D3 Publisher Reveals New Otome Game Brand, Lineup

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5th anniversary Storm Lover project, 10th anniversary Vitamin project revealed

Japanese video game publisher D3 Publisher revealed its new otome game brand "D3P Otomebu" on Sunday. The company had opened a teaser website on Friday for a "major D3P (Publisher) otome announcement."

D3 Publisher is also streaming a video announcing its new game lineup for this year and into 2016.

The promo video features the following games:

Otokoyukaku is on sale now for the PlayStation Vita. The game revolves around an island where boys are not born that has a red-light district for male courtesans. The heroine runs an errand in this district and for the first time witnesses a parade of these beautiful male courtesans, and becomes entranced. Hitsujigumo wrote the scenario, Hs (Hitsujigumo) designed the original images, and Bridge developed the game. D3 Publisher released an iOS version of the game titled The Men of Yoshiwara in English last May.

D3 Publisher will release Vamwolf Cross for the PS Vita on June 25. In the game, players play as a female university student who lives an ordinary life. Recently there have been a series of murders where all the blood has been drained out of the victims, and the media are calling it the work of "Vamwolves." One day the heroine's father is killed, and while she is sorting through his belongings after the funeral, she finds a diary that explains that he and all of the inhabitants of their apartment building are Vanwolf hunters. Her father's final page in his journal notes that the Vanwolf hunters have been betrayed. The heroine resolves to find out the truth about her father and his death.

D3 Publisher will release 22 no Kiss no Imi for iOS and Android in May. Seira Suketomo and Kiss no Imi are designing the game's characters.

D3 Publisher will release Teikoku Kaigun Koihojō for the PS Vita in summer 2015. Y_at and Kaigun Ongakutai are designing the game's characters.

D3 Publisher will release Believer! for the PS Vita in 2015. Kiira Kojima and Shukumei no Miko are designing the game's characters.

D3 Publisher will release Hyakka Hyakurō: Sengoku Ninpōchō for the PS Vita in 2015. Teita and Sengoku Ninja are designing the game's characters.

Additionally, the video reveals that D3 Publisher is working on a fifth anniversary project for the Storm Lover series, as well as a 10th anniversary project for the Vitamin series.

D3 Publisher launched its first otome game in October 2010. The company has since published 45 otome game titles, such as the Vitamin, Last Escort, Bakumatsu Renka, and Storm Lover series of games.

Source: Famitsu

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