Live-Action Piece of Cake Film's Trailer Previews Theme Song

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Film adapting George Asakura's romance manga premieres in September in Japan

The official website for the live-action film of George Asakura's Piece of Cake manga began streaming a trailer for the film on Wednesday. The trailer features the film's main theme song, "Piece of Cake -Ai o Sakebou-" (Piece of Cake -Let's Shout Our Love-) by Miliyah Kato and Kazunobu Mineta.

Text: A girl unskilled in love who continues to fail. Shino Umemiya
Shino: I want to start doing things right. Work, and love...
Text: The legendary romance manga becomes the long-awaited film adaptation
Shino: Ah.
Text: The tender-hearted and indecisive man - Kyōshirō Sugahara
Kyōshirō: Oh, our houses are right next to each other.
Text: Could this be a fateful meeting?
Shino: It was that moment when a breeze blew...
Text: This time, I want to have a real romance.
Shino: I'm in love with you!
Kyōshirō: ...Huh?
Girl: You're STILL saying you're in love with him? He has a girl already, you know!?
Kyōshirō: I really don't have any intentions to break up with Akari, so...
Man: What are you going to do with yourself if you act cool for romance?
Shino: Falling in love with someone is the pits.

The film will open on September 5.

The film stars Mikako Tabe (live-action Kimi ni Todoke) and Gou Ayano (live-action Gatchaman, Lupin III) as the lead couple. Other cast members include Tori Matsuzaka, Fumino Kimura, Kaoru Mitsumune, Tasuku Emoto, Masaki Suda, Tomoya Nakamura, Tamae Andō, Ryū Morioka, Kankurō Kudō, Ryūichi Hiroki, and Kazunobu Mineta.

Tomoro Taguchi is directing the film, Kōsuke Mukai (Crows Explode) is writing the script, and Yoshihide Otomo (Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru) is composing the music.

The original story centers on Shino Umemiya, a woman in her 20s. She turns over a new leaf in her life when she leaves her boyfriend, quits her job, and moves. She gradually develops feelings for her new neighbor Kyōshirō Sugahara, a shop manager. However, Kyōshirō lives with his girlfriend Akari Narita.

Asakura (A Perfect Day for Love Letters, Knock Your Heart Out!) serialized the manga in Feel Young from 2003 to 2008, and Shodensha published five compiled book volumes for the entire series. Asakura launched a spinoff manga about Akari in Shodensha's Feel Young magazine in March.

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