MPD-Psycho Manga Extended Again to 23rd Volume

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Eiji Ohtsuka, Shou Tajima's manga about detective with multiple personalities launched in 1997

Shou Tajima announced on his official Twitter account on May 22 that his MPD-Psycho manga will not end in the 22nd volume. In response to a question about when the 23rd and final volume will be released, Tajima said that he thinks the series will just barely be completed this year.

The manga's 22nd volume is slated to ship in Japan on July 4. Tajima said that he has basically completed his own work on the 22nd volume. He also apologized for seeming to fraudulently report about the manga's conclusion.

The 21st volume of Eiji Ohtsuka and Tanaka's series confirmed in December that the manga would end in the 22nd volume instead of the 21st. Tajima announced on his Twitter account in October that the manga would continue for one more volume beyond the planned conclusion.

Ohtsuka and Tajima's manga about a detective with multiple personalities launched in 1997. Dark Horse Comics licensed the series in 2006 and the company has released 11 compiled volumes. The manga inspired a live-action television series by Takashi Miike that BCI/Eclipse released on DVD in North America and Crunchyroll streamed the series on its website.

Ohtsuka began writing a series of essays on publisher Seikaisha's "Saizensen" website in May 2014. The essay series, titled Kadokawa Tsuguhiko to Media Mix no Jidai (Tsuguhiko Kadokawa and the Era of Media Mix), is a biography of three generations of Kadokawa Group leaders: Gen'yoshi Kadokawa, Haruki Kadokawa, and Tsuguhiko Kadokawa. The series discusses the company's 80-year history, and how the three men introduced the era of "media mixing," when companies began crossing over into multiple genres of entertainment.

Ohtsuka is also currently working on The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service manga and its spinoff Matsuoka Kunio Yōkai Taiji with artist Hosui Yamazaki, the Ashiya Yonshimai Monogatari manga with Naomi Akamoto, and the Todenka: Dai Ni Jū Go Setsu manga with Nato Kio.

North America's Dark Horse Comics published the 13th volume of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service in 2012, and the 14th volume is slated to ship this July.

Ohtsuka appeared as a guest at Los Angeles' Anime Expo convention last July.

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