Manga Entertainment to Distribute Future Diary on Blu-ray and DVD (Updated)

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Announcement on Japan Curiosity website

Correction - ANN has been informed that Manga Entertainment will distribute Future Diary, not Animatsu as reported in the earlier version of this story. Apologies for the mistake.

In an interview on the Japan Curiosity website, Andrew Hewson confirmed that Manga Entertainment will distribute the series Future Diary.

I'm happy to announce that we will be bringing, on behalf of Kaze, Future Diary (Mirai Nikki) to the UK! It will be released in two parts with both expected to be out in Q4 of this year.

Japan Curiosity also reports that Future Diary will be released both on Blu-ray (£34.99) and DVD (£29.99) and that the first volume will carry the opening 13 episodes (of 26).

Funimation described the story:

Reality quickly unravels for antisocial Yukiteru when Deus Ex Machina calls him into a death match to determine the new god of space and time. Each mentally scarred player possesses a prophetic device tuned to his or her personality disorder, giving them control over their future... and the fate of their opponents. It's their strongest weapon - and their greatest weakness.

Within hours of abusing his digital diary's predictions, Yukiteru is cornered by a crazed classmate. Yuno - who is obsessively stalking him with her own psychic cell phone - is cute, sharp, and great with an ax. Still, her psychosis hides a vile secret. As a serial killer, a cult priestess, and a volatile escape artist take a stab at eliminating the teens, Yuki can cheat death under Yuno's maniacal protection or - DEAD END.

Naoto Hosoda (Shuffle!, Koe de Oshigoto!) directed the anime at the anime studio asread. Katsuhiko Takayama (Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts, Cat Planet Cuties) supervised the series scripts, and Hidetsugu Hirayama (Shuffle!, Shuffle! Memories) designed the characters with Ruriko Watanabe.

Via UK Anime News

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