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Magi: Adventure of Sinbad's New Original Video Anime Previewed in Video

posted on by Egan Loo
Conclusion to "Capture of Valefor Dungeon" story ships on July 7

Shogakukan began streaming a promotional video for the Magi: Adventure of Sinbad original video anime's fifth episode on Wednesday. The video previews the episode's story and characters.

Text: The legitimate prologue
Valefor: This is dark magic.
Sinbad: Dark magic?
Valefor: A frightening and powerful magic that changes people into monsters using black Rukh.
Sinbad: I will save my friends, no matter what.
Fallan: Good day, everyone. Now you are powerless.
Sinbad: I won't abandon a single person!
Text: The Valefor Dungeon Conquest arc is completed!
Hinahoho: I will never become like you. It's all right, Sinbad. Tch! I'll get this guy! I'm the only one who can stop him!
Fallan: Kill.
Text: The betrayal of a native land
Barbarossa: Know your place. Die like a man.
Drakon: Barbarossa! I will leave this dungeon!
Hinahoho: The beast has been revived!
Text: Falling from the heavens
Fallan: The falling of the angel has begun in this child.
Valefor: Stop! The human body can't withstand that power!
Text: Ja'far's past that is revealed
Man: If you save this child, you will fall into Hell and not be able to return from the darkness.
Ja'far: I had to do that to live...!
Sinbad: If you don't have a place, I'll give you one. I'll become your path for living.
Sinbad: Can you hear me!? I won't let my comrades die!
Sinbad: Not yet! Don't die! Ja'far!
Narrator: Magi: Adventure of Sinbad volume 7 special edition with OVA.

The "Meikyū Valefor Kōryaku-hen Kōhen" (The Capture of Valefor Dungeon Part III) DVD will ship with a special edition of the seventh volume of the Magi: Sinbad no Bōken manga on July 7. It concludes the storyline that began with the third and fourth OVA volumes.

The first OVA episode shipped with the manga's third volume last May, the second episode shipped with the fourth volume last August, the third episode shipped with the special edition of the fifth volume of the manga in December, and the fourth episode will ship with the special edition of the sixth volume of the manga in April.

Daisuke Ono returned from the main Magi television series to play the young Sinbad in the OVAs. Other cast members include Akira Ishida as Yunan, Tomokazu Sugita as Drakon, Ai Kayano as Serendine, Katsuyuki Konishi as Badr, and Yōko Hikasa as Esra. Keiji Fujiwara and Takahiro Sakurai joined the cast in the third episode, reprising their Magi television anime roles of Hinahoho and Jafar, respectively.

A 70-page "prototype" of the manga with art by Ōtera was bundled with the first Blu-ray Disc of the Magi anime in 2012. The manga's prologue also ran in Weekly Shonen Sunday later that year. After beginning a full serialization in Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine, it moved to the publisher's web comic site "Ura Sunday" in 2013.

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