Funimation to Offer Broadcast Dubs for Gangsta., Prison School, Sky Wizards Academy

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Ultimate Otaku Teacher, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Ninja Slayer broadcast dubs will continue into summer season

Funimation announced at its Comic Con International panel on Thursday that it will offer Broadcast dubs for Gangsta., Prison School, and Sky Wizards Academy.

Funimation is streaming all three shows with English subtitles as they air in Japan. The company is also continuing its broadcast dubs of Ultimate Otaku Teacher, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, and Ninja Slayer.

Kohske's original Gangsta. manga revolves around Nick (played by Kenjiro Tsuda) and Worick (Junichi Suwabe), two men who take on jobs from both the mafia and the police in the town of Ergastulum, a rotten town filled with mafia, hoodlums, prostitutes, and dirty cops.

Shukou Murase (Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic, Genocidal Organ) is directing the anime at Manglobe (The Unlimited - Hyōbu Kyōsuke, Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties). Viz publishes the manga in North America.

Tsutomu Mizushima (Girls und Panzer, Shirobako) is helming the Prison School anime at J.C. Staff. North American publisher Yen Press licensed Akira Hiramoto's original manga for North America, and it describes the series:

Hachimitsu Private Academy was a revered and elite all-girls' boarding school on the outskirts of Tokyo...once upon a time. But with the new school year comes a revision to school policy: Boys are to be admitted into the student body for the first time ever. But on his first day at Hachimitsu, Kiyoshi Fujino discovers that he's one of only five boys enrolled at the school. Their numbers overwhelmed by the thousand girls in the student body, is it heaven or hell that awaits these five (un)fortunates?!

Sky Wizards Academy (Kūsen Madōshi Kōhosei no Kyōkan) is a light novel series written by Yū Moroboshi, illustrated by Yuka Nakajima. Takayuki Inagaki (Rosario + Vampire, My mental choices are completely interfering with my school romantic comedy) is directing the anime at diomedéa (Gingitsune, Astarotte's Toy)

In a world where humanity is driven from the land and now live in floating cities, Kanata Age is a wizard who uses his aerial combat prowess to combat the magical armoured insects that now roam the earth.

Kanata was once celebrated as the "elite ace of the S128 special team" known as the Black Master Swordsman but now he is despised as a traitor. As such Kanata is assigned as the instructor of E601, a team who has suffered 10 consecutive defeats and he must now train Misora Whitale, Lecty Eisenach, and Rico Flamel to fight in the danger zone.

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