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Comments on show's future prospects in UK

On Manga UK's facebook page, a comment was posted by Jerome Mazandarani on the series Fairy Tail. Mazandarani was Manga Entertainment's Director of Marketing and Acquisitions from 2004 to 2014. He has since founded his own anime company, Animatsu, but he co-hosted a joint presentation on new Manga Entertainment and Animatsu titles at the Manchester Comic Con last weekend.

Mazandarani's facebook comment read:

I don't believe we will be offered any more Fairy Tail for UK by the UK rights holder, Funimation. Speak to Anime Ltd. They are announcing a lot of Funimation stuff at the moment like Ping Pong and Gangsta.. That's why we have no new Fairy Tail news for you.

Mazandarani also posted this comment on his twitter feed:

I am 99% certain Fairy Tail will continue to be released in the UK by Funimation. Sadly I am no longer involved.

Asked for more details, he said, "I don't know anything else."

Mazandarani also tweeted that the only Funimation title that he believed "we" would be handling would be Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, 'if it ever comes out.' In a later reply, he added, 'Manga has a license to release Eva 3.33. It's ours for UK. If anyone is even interested in it anymore.'

In other tweets, Mazandarani commented on leaving Manga Entertainment. "I'm kind of involved again. Long story. I think people there will defer to me now if I make good decisions. Lots and lots of pressure to make the right decision every time."

He also asked, "Blu-ray sales on Fairy Tail are atrocious. Less than 10% of DVD sales. Why is that?"

Via UK Anime News.

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