Shirobako's Show Within a Show Gets Short Manga

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Takeshi Nogami draws The Third Girls Aerial Squad by fictional version of himself

Manga artist Takeshi Nogami (Girls und Panzer) distributed a fake magazine with two The Third Girls Aerial Squad (Dai San Hikō Shōjo-tai) manga chapters at Summer Comic Market this past weekend, and it is now available in some anime goods stores. The Third Girls Aerial Squad is a fictional manga and anime that appears within the anime Shirobako.

In Shirobako, The Third Girls Aerial Squad is written by "Takezō Nogame," a fictional artist based on Nogami. The manga itself is similar Nogami's Shidenkai no Maki manga.

The fictional magazine is the "August issue" Monthly Shonen Tops. The two special manga chapters are allegedly to celebrate an anime adaptation of The Third Girls Aerial Squad. The back cover also advertises fictional DVD and Blu-ray sets for Sailor Fuku to F3, another fictional series from Shirobako. Nogami drew a manga series titled Sailor-fuku to Jūsensha.

An OVA episode based on The Third Girls Aerial Squad shipped with the seventh Blu-ray and DVD volume of Shirobako in July. An OVA based on another fictional work featured in Shirobako, "Exodus!," was included in the third DVD and Blu-ray set.

Nogami changed his Twitter account handle to "Takezou Nogame" on April Fool's Day to post a joke about the series getting an anime adaptation.

Source: Akiba Blog

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