Star-Mu/High School Star Musical Anime Reveals Additional Cast

posted on 2015-08-24 04:15 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda

The official website of Star-Mu (High School Star Musical), this fall's new musical television anime, revealed additional cast for the show on Monday.

The additional cast includes:

Showtaro Morikubo as Kyōji Akatsuki

Kousuke Toriumi as Christian Leon Yuzuriha

Wataru Hatano as Sakuya Sazanami

Takehito Koyasu as Haruto Tsukigami

Kyōji Akatsuki, Christian Leon Yuzuriha, and Sakuya Sazanami form the elite Kao Kai (Cherry Blossom Flower Association), the three students with the highest grades in the musical department. Haruto Tsukigami is a graduate of the school's musical department, a young star, and the brother of Kaito Tsukigami.

The series will premiere in October.

The show's main cast includes:

  • Natsuki Hanae as Yūta Hoshiya (middle row center)
  • Kensho Ono as Tōru Nayuki (front row left)
  • Arthur Lounsbery as Kaito Tsukigami (front row right)
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Shō Tengeji (middle row right)
  • Tomoaki Maeno as Shū Koga (middle row left)
  • Junichi Suwabe as Takashi Ōtori (back row left)
  • Daisuke Hirakawa as Tsubasa Hiiragi (back row right)

Additional cast members for the show's "Team Hiiragi" include:

  • Nobuhiko Okamoto as Rui Tatsumi
  • Yūma Uchida as Eigo Sawatari
  • Kazuyuki Okitsu as Seishirō Inumine
  • KENN as Izumi Toraishi
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Akira Ugawa

The official website previously streamed two promotional videos for the anime on August 14.

The anime with an original plan by Rin Hinata is a slapstick teen comedy about high school students "who sparkle like stars." The story starts when Yūta Hoshiya enters Ayana Academy, a school focusing on show business activities, specifically music. The academy has a group of the three students with the highest grades in the musical department, and they are known as the Kao Kai (Cherry Blossom Flower Association). This organization stands at the top of the pecking order within the academy.

The shortcut to entering the musical department is to enter the Star Frame class, which is directly taught by the members, and to be recognized by them. Unfortunately, due to their own problems, students Tōru, Kaito, Shō, Shū, and Yūta are all struggling to even remain candidates for the musical department. By a stroke of luck, however, the five are spotted by Kao Kai member Ōtori, and they pique his interest.

Shunsuke Tada (Kuroko's Basketball, Prince of Tennis) is directing at C-Station (Dragonar Academy), and Sayaka Harada is in charge of the series scripts. Asami Watanabe is designing the characters. Tadako (Arashi's "Love so sweet," "Monster") is responsible for the dance sequences.

Gero (Brothers Conflict, Tokyo Ravens theme songs) will perform the opening theme song "Dreamer," and Gero's single CD with the opening song will ship on October 21. Voice actors Natsuki Hanae, Kensho Ono, Arthur Lounsbery, Yoshimasa Hosoya, and Tomoaki Maeno will perform the ending theme song "Seishun Countdown" as the unit "Team Ōtori."

[Via Ota-suke]

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