Free London Talk by Tetsuo Film Director September 26

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Talk by Shinya Tsukamoto; venue is Impact Hub Westminster, 2.30 p.m.

The cult director Shinya Tsukamoto, director of the Tetsuo films, will give a free talk at the Impact Hub Westminster on Saturday September 26, at 2.30 p.m. Tickets can be requested here. (This is a Japan Foundation event.)

Known by most for his cyberpunk work Tetsuo: The Iron Man and a series of other horror films, Shinya Tsukamoto has a considerable following both domestically and internationally. In addition to his directing work, Tsukamoto acted in several projects such as the live-action adaptations of the Ichi the Killer and Sexy Voice and Robo manga. From the website:

Iconoclastic auteur Shinya Tsukamoto is considered to be one of the most important filmmakers to emerge from Japan in recent decades. Achieving cult status from the release of his low-budget cyberpunk masterpiece Tetsuo: The Iron Man in 1989, Tsukamoto's films have since, regardless of setting or theme, retained his trademark experimental and brutal style, capturing nightmarish visions of human existence.

In this special talk, Tsukamoto will journey through his filmmaking career, looking at his ground-breaking body of work up until his most recent film, the anti-war epic Fires on the Plains, to be screened at this year's Raindance Film Festival. Reflecting on the current state of the Japanese film industry, he will also reveal his decision to remain independent as a director, and his creative aspirations in taking multiple roles in his films; directing, writing, producing and often acting in his own productions.

This talk will explore Tsukamoto's unique cinematic vision and offer an insight into the mind of Japan's most exciting and uncompromising director.

Date: 26 September 2015, from 2:30pm

Venue: Impact Hub Westminster

1st Floor New Zealand House, 80 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4TE

Nearest tube stations: Charing Cross and Piccadilly Circus

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