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Ajin - Demi-Human Film's Trailer Reveals flumpool Song, Release Date

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Anime of Gamon Sakurai manga premiering on November 27

The official website for the anime of Gamon Sakurai's Ajin - Demi-Human manga announced on Tuesday that Japanese rock band flumpool is contributing their new song "Yoru wa Nemureru kai?" (Can You Sleep at Night?) as the theme song for the film trilogy and the telvision series. The band previously provided the theme songs for the Captain Earth television anime and the live-action MW and Kimi ni Todoke films.

The site also began streaming a trailer for the film on Tuesday. The trailer previews the theme song and reveals the film's November 27 release date.

Text: Ajin
Teacher: An Ajin is invulnerable.
Text: First sighted 17 years ago in Africa.
Teacher: There are currently only two confirmed Ajin in Japan, but...
Text: Worldwide, there are 46.
Teacher: ...it's likely there are Ajin that have yet to be discovered.
Text: Those creatures...
Teacher: After all...
Text: ...endlessly resurrect.
Teacher: ...we won't know until one of them dies.
Kei: Ajin.
Crowd: He just stood back up. Ajin. He's an Ajin!
Kei: I'm not!
Text: The hit comic that shook the world.
Reporter: The third Ajin sighting in the country.
News Crawl: "Ajin" Spotted on the Run
Text: The forbidden anime adaptation.
Tosaki: I won't let this new Ajin escape.
Voice: There's a bounty out for the capture of that Ajin.
Kaito: Can you stand up?
Voice: We have to capture him no matter what!
Man: Can you see this?
Kaito: Why don't we test it out?
Voice: Have you ever seen a black ghost?
Doctor: Alright, let's begin.
Kei: I'm not human anymore.
Satō: Let's do this!
Voice: I don't sense any danger from the Ajin.
Kaito: What are these things?!
Kaito: You're human.
Text: On the run from all of humankind
Text: A tense battle survival suspense story...
Tosaki: The only thing I have to prevent is the worst case scenario.
Text: ...revolving around an immortal high school boy.
Voice: Become what you really are!
Text: Film Trilogy
Voice and Logo: Ajin
Text: -Impulse-
Text: Opens Friday, November 27 for a Limited 2-Week Engagement
Text: You'll know when you die.
Voice: Don't you think there's something about Ajin...
Text: Ajin Exclusive
Text: Advance tickets with stickers now on sale!
Text: 1,500 yen (tax included)

The website also unveiled a new visual for the project on Tuesday.

In the manga's story, an immortal first appeared on an African battlefield 17 years ago. Later, rare, unknown new immortal lifeforms began appearing among humans, and they became known as "Ajin" (demi-humans). Just before summer vacation, a Japanese high school student named Kei Nagai is instantly killed in a traffic accident on his way home from school. However, he is revived, and a price is placed on his head. Thus begins a boy's life on the run from all of humankind.

The film will open in Toho Cinemas Shinjuku, as well as 30 other theaters in Japan, for a limited two-week engagement. The project will also receive a television anime, which will premiere on MBS, TBS, and CBC on January, and will stream episodes in Japan on Netflix three days after airing on Japanese television, and then in other Netflix territories in mid-2016. The television series will go deeper into the story and provide more details on the story's world.

Those who pre-order tickets for the film will receive Ajin-themed stickers and a clear file containing original art drawn by Gamon Sakurai, the original manga's creator.

The cast is as follows:

Mamoru Miyano (Death Note's Light, Free!'s Rin) as Kei Nagai

Yoshimasa Hosoya (Kuroko's Basketball's Hyūga, Attack on Titan's Reiner) as Kaito

Houchu Ohtsuka (Naruto's Jiraiya, Zeta Gundam's Yazan Gable) as Satō

Takahiro Sakurai (Code Geass' Suzaku, Mononoke's Medicine Seller) as Tosaki

Mikako Komatsu (Bodacious Space Pirates' Marika Kato, Nisekoi's Tsugumi) as Izumi Shimomura

Daisuke Hirakawa (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders' Kakyoin, Free!'s Rei) as Kōji Tanaka

Additionally, Aya Suzaki (Aikatsu!'s Mikuru Natsuki, Knights of Sidonia's Shizuka Hoshijiro) will play Eriko Nagai, and Hiroyuki Kinoshita (Jin-Roh's Atsushi Henmi, Robotics;Notes' Hiromu Hidaka) will play Ikuya Ogura.

Hiroyuki Seshita (Knights of Sidonia, Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine) is serving as chief director, and Hiroaki Ando (Five Numbers!, Gambo, episode director on Knights of Sidonia) is directing the films at Polygon Pictures (Knights of Sidonia, Ronja the Robber's Daughter, Transformers Prime). Hiroshi Seko (Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, scripts on Attack on Titan) is supervising the scripts, Yuki Moriyama (Knights of Sidonia) is the character designer, and Yuugo Kanno (Psycho-Pass, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders) is composing the music.

Sakurai launched the manga in Kodansha's good! Afternoon magazine in 2012, and Kodansha published the sixth compiled book volume in Japan on June 5. The six volumes have 3.2 million copies in print. Vertical published the sixth volume in North America on August 25. Crunchyroll is posting new chapters as Kodansha publishes them in Japan.

The manga ranked as a top manga series on the Nationwide Bookstore Employees' Recommended Comics of 2014 list and in the 2014 edition of the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! guidebook. The series also received a nomination for the 18th Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize "Reader Award" last year.

Sources: Sankei Sports, Comic Natalie, MoCa News

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