Boom Boom Satellites Cancel Last 2 Live Shows Before Planned Hiatus

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Vocalist/guitarist Michiyuki Kawashima's brain tumor worsens

Boom Boom Satellites announced on its official website on Thursday that it has cancelled both of its concerts in November due to vocalist/guitarist Michiyuki Kawashima's (pictured top in image right) worsening condition. Kawashima had suffered his fourth brain tumor relapse in August. The band originally planned to halt its performance activities for Kawashima's medical treatment after their November 5 concert at Osaka's Big Cat, and the November 7 concert at Tokyo's Shin Kiba Studio Coast.

Programmer and bassist Masayuki Nakano (pictured bottom in image above right) commented on the announcement:

We've had to cancel the concerts we'd planned to hold in Osaka and Tokyo due to Kawashima's worsening condition. It was supposed to be our last one-band concert before taking a hiatus in performing, and I apologize to all the disappointed fans who were looking forward to it, as well as the people involved whom we have been a burden to due to supporting us.
Kawashima's condition is actually relatively stable right now, but we decided to cancel the concerts anyway so as to not risk it. Kawashima himself was really looking forward to performing, prepared that it might be his last performance, and I think no one is more frustrated and bitter about this than he is.
Right now we're not in a position to announce when our next concert or our next release might be, but we haven't given up as a band. It's been 25 years since I started making music with Kawashima, and just fading out like this doesn't suit us. I'll wait as long as it takes for him to recover, and we'll record even just one new song, or stand on stage, even if it's just for a minute.
I apologize again for disappointing all the fans, but please watch over our progress.

Kawashima also stated on his Twitter account:

I'm sorry this happened. Please wait a while until we can start making good music for everyone again. I'm filled with the will to fight through this and get back. It's not exactly an illness that makes one optimistic, but I'll do my best.

The band is refunding tickets for those who already bought tickets to the concerts.

Boom Boom Satellites previously took a hiatus from concerts from January to March 2013 so that Kawashima could undergo brain tumor treatment.

Boom Boom Satellites first debuted in Europe in 1997, and they released their ninth album Shine Like A Billion Suns in February. The group has created music for anime projects such as Appleseed and Vexille - 2077 Isolation of Japan. They also performed theme songs for Xam'd: Lost Memories and Mobile Suit Gundam UC and contributed to Guilty Crown. Most recently they performed the opening theme song for Ninja Slayer From Animation.

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