Guardian Angel Getten/Mamotte Shugogetten Manga Gets Sequel

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Minene Sakurano plans to serialize new manga with Mag Garden

Manga creator Minene Sakurano announced on her blog on Friday that she is working on the manuscript for a sequel to her Guardian Angel Getten (Mamotte Shugogetten!) manga. She plans to serialize the sequel with the publisher Mag Garden, and she will announce more details as they are confirmed.

Mamotte Shugogetten! had caused a stir online on Monday when the King of Conte variety show used the anime version's opening song "Saa" in a skit. The incident propelled the song to #6 on the Japanese iTunes singles chart (and #1 on iTunes' anime song chart), nearly 17 years after the duo Surface originally released it. Sakurano said she was so surprised by hearing about the surge in popularity that she almost spit out the tea she was drinking.

However, Sakurano noted that she has been working on the sequel before the song "Saa" appeared on King of Conte this week.

Sakurano serialized the original manga from 1997-2000, and Gutsoon! Entertainment's Raijin Comics serialized part of the series in English. Tokyopop released the 11-volume series in North America in five omnibus volumes. Sakurano drew a six-volume sequel, Mamotte Shugogetten! Retrouvailles, starting in 2002.

The manga inspired a television anime adaptation in 1998 and an OVA in 2000.

In the story, Shichiri Tasuke recieves a gift from his traveling father: a ring like crystal from which emerges a girl named Shao Lin, the Spirit of the moon, whose purpose is to protect her master (in this case, Tasuke) from misfortune. Shao Lin, however, is quite naive and has little to no understanding of the modern world.

Update: Tokyopop did release the entire 11-volume original series, but in five omnibus volumes. Thanks, Daniel.

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