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Tokyo University of the Arts Posts 16 More Anime Shorts by Graduate Students

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
6 of 16 new works from 2010 include English subtitles

The Department of Animation of Tokyo University of the Arts' (Geidai) Graduate School of Film and New Media posted graduate students' short anime films on its Geidai Animation YouTube and Vimeo channels. All sixteen of the shorts are students' graduate works from 2010, and six include English subtitles. Staff information and synopses are available on the videos' YouTube pages in Japanese and English.

The school previously posted an earlier set of graduate students' anime shorts last month.

The latest shorts include:

"A GUM BOY" (includes English subtitles)

"Akai Sakana/ rain and fish" ("Red Fish / rain and fish")

"A brightening life"

"Yoi ga Tsubuyaku" ("The Vesper Mutters")

"Another Time" (includes English subtitles)

"Uwa no Sora kara Kaettekuru" ("come back to my mind")


"Ansoku no Basho" ("Where he can relax")

"Shōjo-kō" ("About the girl"; includes English subtitles)

"Scripta volant" (includes English subtitles)

"Yakusoku" ("Promises"; includes English subtitles)


"tick tack" (includes English subtitles)

"Samayou Shinzō" ("Rootless heart")

"Yuggu no Tori" ("Ygg's bird)

"Shōjo no Ito Mahō no Ito" ("Better back then")

The department holds limited screenings of students' finished works every year. The university decided to upload the shorts online so that people within Japan and around the world can easily view the students' anime. "Wakaranai Buta" ("In a pig's eye"), winner of an Excellence Prize in the Animation Division of the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards in 2010, began streaming on the Geidai Animation YouTube channel last year.

The Graduate School of Music's Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment collaborated to create most of the music and sound design featured in the shorts.

Geidai Animation aims to expand its lineup and become a world-leading source for animated shorts. An official Geidai Animation Twitter account also launched in September.

The Graduate School of Film and New Media was founded in 2005, and the Department of Animation was established in 2008. The department's teaching staff includes Oscar-nominated anime director Koji Yamamura (Mt. Head, Muybridge's Strings) and animator Yuichi Ito (Nyakki!).

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