May'n Sings Aquarion Logos Anime's 2nd Opening Theme

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May'n also performs new ending theme with Haruka Chisuga; both songs debuted on Friday

The official website of singer May'n announced on Friday that she performed the second opening and ending themes for the Aquarion Logos TV anime. The new opening theme is titled "Yoake no Logos" (The Logos of Dawn), and the new ending theme is titled "Hontō no Koe wo Anata ni Azuketakute" (I Want to Entrust My True Voice to You). May'n performs the ending theme alongside Haruka Chisuga.

Yoko Kanno composed and arranged the opening theme song, and Gabriela Robin wrote the lyrics. Tokyo Kakurenbo wrote the lyrics for the ending theme song, Hiroaki Suzuki composed the song, and NAOKI-T arranged the song.

The new opening and ending themes appeared in the show's 17th episode, which aired on Friday at 12:00 a.m. May'n's new single "Yoake no Logos" will contain both songs, and is slated for release on December 16.

May'n also sang the anime's first opening theme "Yamaidare darlin'," which Kanno also composed, while Chisuga sang the first ending theme "Je Je t'aime Communication."

Aquarion Logos is the third Aquarion television anime in the series, and it premiered in Japan on July 2. Funimation is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan, and describes the show:

Once upon a time, human voices had defined the true nature of all things, yet the invention of text changed the status quo, while creating a "Logos World" between the voice and the truth. Millennia have passed since then, advancements of civilizations have made the "Logos World" too big to control "texts." A group of young people dedicate themselves to counter chaotic "texts" with "Creative Voice Power," and among them, a boy named Akira Kaibuki living in Asagaya.

Eiichi Sato is directing Aquarion Logos at the studios Satelight and C2C. Jun Kumagai, Yuniko Ayana, and Mariko Mochizuki are writing the scripts. Takashi Mamezuka designed the characters, and is also serving as chief animation diretor. R.O.N is composing the music.

Update: Yoko Kanno only composed the new opening theme song. Thanks, The_Daytona_500.

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