Sony Vice President Discusses Enhanced PS4, PS Vita Development

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PS4 for Ultra HD Blu-ray possible; no 1st-party PS Vita games in development

Sony Computer Entertainment Executive Vice President Masayasu Itō discussed possible developments for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita systems in an interview with the 4Gamer website. Itō confirmed that current PlayStation 4 units are incompatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, but the company is considering developing enhanced models that are compatible.

"Because the Blu-ray Disc drive equipped in the current PS4 is for exclusive use with Blu-ray Disc players, it can't read 3-layer media standardized by the Ultra HD Blu-ray," Itō said. "Therefore, the current PS4 that has been on sale until now cannot be compatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray."

Although enhanced PS4 models with compatibility are still hypothetical, the company is considering ways to make future models compatible. Itō noted that the company must consider how many units to sell as well as the price of possible enhanced PS4 models.

In Itō's discussion of PlayStation Vita developments, he said that various third-party game released are planned, and new colors of the PlayStation Vita will be released this fall. Itō also said he wondered whether the company should change the architecture now and rebuild the PS Vita because the latest high-end smartphones are more powerful than the system.

"Currently, there are no first-party titles in development for the PS Vita," Itō said. "As for the PS Vita, because third-party developers are working very hard, we at SCE are strategizing to focus on making the new PS4 platform the best it can be."

Itō also spoke about development of the PlayStation VR and its separate screen mode concept that will be similar to that used for the PS4. The vice president said "We will announce the price and release date at the proper time." PlayStation Japan began streaming a concept trailer in September for PlayStation VR, the renamed Project Morpheus.

[Via Siliconera (link 2)]

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