Nintendo Launches 1st Smartphone Game Miitomo in March 2016

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Company also details new account system, new global membership service "My Nintendo"

Nintendo revealed its first smartphone game titled Miitomo at its corporate management policy briefing and semi-annual financial results briefing on Thursday.

Miitomo is a communication app that will use Mii characters. Players will create Mii avatars of themselves, and answer questions about themselves. The Mii will then share those answers with players' Friends' Miis. Players will only be able to communicate with their Friends' Miis, and Nintendo stated that "a Friend relationship can be established only between two people who know each other and have consented to the relationship."

Players Miis will automatically share answers to certain questions with their Friends. Nintendo calls this "friendly communication starters" so that players "who are less willing to send messages can easily participate." The goal is that users might be able to find out unknown or common aspects about their Friends.

Nintendo also detailed its new "Nintendo Account" account system for its "My Nintendo" global membership service that will connect all of users' Nintendo experiences. Users can log in to their Nintendo Account via their Facebook, Google, or Twitter account; e-mail address and password; or Nintendo Network ID.

Through My Nintendo, users can purchase titles through a PC or smart device on Nintendo's official website on the spot after seeing articles or videos introducing new games. The purchased software will be downloaded to users' Wii U or 3DS. Nintendo will also send users notices and gifts based on their member profile, purchase records, and play records.

Nintendo will also introduce a new point program for Nintendo's systems as well as smart devices. Users can earn points by purchasing software and playing games. Points can be used for digital add-on content, original merchandise, or for coupons for discounts on new software.

The membership service also allows members to create a "Friend" relationship with other members. Nintendo also plans to allow members to store game data such as character data in a cloud system. Players can then use the characters on game systems and smart device apps. Members in the future will also get benefits at real-life facilities such as theme parks, movie theaters, and retail outlets.

Nintendo will launch Miitomo and My Nintendo in March 2016.

Nintendo also reiterated at the briefing its plan to launch approximately five smart device titles by the end of March 2017. Nintendo had originally planned to release its first smart device title by the end of 2015, but delayed the title "to further improve the application and to optimize the overall smart device business."

The briefing also revealed that, as of the end of September, Nintendo has sold approximately 21.10 million amiibo units globally since its launch last year.

The briefing added that while "dedicated game systems remain at the core of Nintendo experiences," Nintendo also plans to expand its IP by "licensing and commercializing this IP for visual content and merchandizing products." The briefing also mentioned the partnership with Universal Studios to create Nintendo-related theme park attractions, but did not give any further details.

Nintendo reported its first positive operating income in its 4-6 month financial reports in five years on Wednesday. The company reported an operating profit of 8.9 billion yen (US$73.8 million) for the six month period ending on September 30.

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