Pokken Tournament Game's Video Confirms Sceptile, Electrode, Farfetch'd

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Arcade game out in Japan; worldwide Wii U release slated for spring 2016

Bandai Namco Entertainment began streaming an introduction video for its Pokkén Tournament fighting game on Thursday. The video confirms the debut of the Pokémon Sceptile (Jukain), and shows its moves and abilities. The video also shows Electrode (Marumine) and Farfetch'd (Kamonegi).

Bandai Namco Entertainment will release the game worldwide for Wii U in spring 2016.

The game debuted in Japanese arcades in July. The eight playable Pokémon available at launch were Charizard, Weavile, Lucario, Machamp, Gardevoir, Suicune, Gengar, and Pikachu. Blazikin and Masked Pikachu were added later. Support Pokémon, which can be called to assist in battle with the "L" button, include Emolga, Lapras, Snivy, Frogadier, Eevee, Fennekin, and others.

Battles have two phases. During regular play, a Pokémon fills its gauge to activate "resonance burst," where the Pokémon is powered-up for a limited time and can perform a special attack.

The game includes tutorial and single-player modes, as well as an online mode that connects players to other arcade systems across Japan.

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