Digimon World -Next 0rder- Gets March 17 Release Date, New Promo Video

posted on 2015-12-20 03:30 EST by Kyle Hallmark
Promo video previews Eir Aoi theme song, special bonuses

Bandai Namco Entertainment began streaming a new promotional video for the Digimon World -Next 0rder- PlayStation Vita role-playing game on Friday.

The video announces the game's March 17 release date and previews the theme song "Accentia," performed by Eir Aoi. The video also reveals special bonuses bundled with the first editions of the game: a digital soundtrack of the original Digimon World game, two original themes for the PlayStation Vita, consumable in-game items, special Agumon and Gabumon DigiEggs, and unknown Mega Digivolution DigiCores.

The official website for the game also revealed four more screenshots last Friday (see gallery below).

Players can choose between a male or female protagonist. The game's protagonist is a senior high school student who has loved Digimon since he/she was young. In fifth grade, he/she was the runner up of a Japanese Digimon game tournament. The male protagonist Takuto is shown with Agumon and Gabumon as his partner Digimon, while the female protagonist Shiki is shown with Biyomon and Palmon as her partner Digimon. Additionally, the Digmon character Jijimon will also be in the game.

Bandai Namco Entertainment describes the game's "Story 02" as follows:

While the the reconstruction of the town that Kouta and Himari encountered was progressing smoothly, a way to counter the threat of Mugendramon (Machinedramon) has still not been found. At the same time, the protagonists are asked to go to meet Taomon, the leading sage of the Digital World who has more knowledge than even Jijimon.

Having headed to Taomon, the protagonists will the learn truth of what's happening in this world...

Other previously revealed characters include: Kōta Hirose and Himari Ōfuchi, two third-year high school students who are in the same year as the protagonist. Kōta's partner Digimon is Yukimura, a Guilmon, and Himari's partner Digimon is Rikka, a Plotmon. Other characters and Digimon include: the amnesiac girl Luce, a mysterious cap-wearing unnamed young man, Taomon, Gallantmon: Crimson Mode, Omegamon (Omnimon), Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Mastemon, Jesmon, and ShineGreymon, as well as the new Digimon character, The Executioner.

Japanese illustrator Taiki (Lord of Vermilion III) designed the characters for the game. Kenji Watanabe designed The Executioner.

The game will allow for players to use two partner Digimon simultaneously to help in battles. When in a pinch, the two partner Digimon can combine in a new "'EXE'-Volution."

The game will also feature an important "discipline" element that lets players select commands when necessary. After victory the Digimon might also prompt the player for praise. Additionally, Digimon might also sometimes do whatever they want in battle. Players can scold or praise Digimon as they see fit. Digimon will also get hungry and will sleep at night.

Source: Dengeki Online

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