Pile Voices Character in World Trigger: Tōbōsha Hen Anime

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Singer is performing show's current theme song

Voice actress and singer Pile (Love Live!'s Maki Nishikino, Tenkai Knights, Duel Masters VS R theme songs) will voice a new character in the World Trigger: Tōbōsha Hen anime.

The combined third and fourth 2016 issues of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed on Monday that the new character is a mysterious middle school student named Kokoa Takeda. She will debut in the 60th episode of the anime on December 27.

Pile (pictured at right) is also performing the anime's current opening theme song "Dream Trigger."

World Trigger: Tōbōsha Hen is an anime-original arc featuring all-new characters and stories not seen in the original World Trigger manga. The arc premiered on October 10 and is currently ongoing.

The "World Trigger Natsu Matsuri 2015" event announced the new World Trigger arc in July.

The World Trigger television anime from Toei Animation premiered in October 2014. Crunchyroll and Hulu are streaming the series as it airs.

Toei Animation premiered the first three English-dubbed episodes at this year's Anime Expo. The show was not licensed by a US company: Toei Animation itself commissioned the English dub of the first six to seven episodes. Toei Animation then streamed an English-dubbed trailer for the anime in August.

Toei Animation describes the anime story:

World Trigger begins when a mysterious gate to another world is opened in Mikado City, letting invaders from another dimension called "Neighbors" overrun the area.

A new defense league called "Border" is created in order to protect the City from these apparitions. The fighters are equipped with an amazing weapon called "Trigger" allowing them to put on an armor and use special powers.

The story takes place four years after those events, when a young student, Yuma Kuga, arrives at Mikado City. He witnesses, along with another student Osamu Mikuno, a portal opening. To fight the creature, Osamu finds himself forced to reveal his affiliation to the Border and pulls his Trigger out. When Osamu is injured, Yuma joins the fight and saves him. Yuma turns out to be very powerful!

Who is really Yuma? Why did he come to Mikado City?

Daisuke Ashihara's original World Trigger manga debuted in 2013's 11th issue of Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Viz Media added the series to its digital anthology version of Weekly Shonen Jump, and also publishes the manga in print.

The manga also inspired the fighting game World Trigger: Borderless Mission for the PlayStation Vita, which shipped in Japan on September 17.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun's Mantan Web

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