Voice Actor Minoru Shiraishi Apologizes for Downloading Dōjinshi

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Shiwasu no Okina's The [email protected] Cinderella Girls dōjinshi obtained without permission

Voice actor Minoru Shiraishi (Shin Gekijō-ban Initial D Legend 1 -Kakusei-'s Itsuki, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's Taniguchi) apologized on his personal blog on Sunday for "trying to use" dōjinshi artist Shiwasu no Okina's work without permission.

Shiraishi apparently posted an image on his official Twitter account on Friday that showed his computer completed downloading an unauthorized copy of the adult dōjinshi "Dereraku." Shiwasu no Okina's dōjinshi circle Okina Keikaku created the self-published work based on The [email protected] Cinderella Girls game and anime. Shiwasu no Okina released the 50-page work for paid download on December 29. Shiraishi apparently downloaded the dōjinshi through an unauthorized source for free.

Shiraishi apologized to fans for causing trouble and making them worry. He said he contacted Shiwasu no Okina and officially apologized. The voice actor said he is deeply reflecting on the incident and is grateful for Shiwasu no Okina's "tolerant heart." Shiraishi said he is doing serious soul-searching to avoid causing this type of situation again.

The voice actor announced on his personal blog on Tuesday that he has facial paralysis and cannot move the right side of his face. He is undergoing medical examinations and taking prescriptions.

In addition to dōjinshi inspired by other creators' works, Shiwasu no Okina has created original adult manga such as Peace-Hame! and Nudist Beach ni Shūgakuryokō de!! Shiwasu no Okina's Peace-Hame! manga inspired an original video anime in 2012.

Japan's Cultural Affairs Agency is considering a revision of the country's copyright laws, which may affect publication of works including dōjinshi (self-published works, many of which are based on other creative works). Japan reached an agreement with 11 other countries in October regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

The Japanese government also held a conference in May specifically focusing on how the TPP would affect events like Comiket (Comic Market), where fans and creators sell dōjinshi. Comiket currently exists in a gray zone, since while dōjinshi are technically against the law, most creators tacitly consent to their production and sale. OKAYADO, the creator of Monster Musume, revealed that he attended the winter Comiket held at the end of last month and purchased dōjinshi of his own manga. Last year's winter Comiket attracted 520,000 attendees over three days.

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