Monster Hunter Stories RPG's 2nd Promo Video Introduces Main Characters

posted on 2016-01-14 04:15 EST
3DS game shipping this year is also inspiring TV anime

Capcom's official website for the Monster Hunter Stories role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS began streaming the game's second promotional video on Wednesday.

The video introduces the main characters:

The unnamed male or female protagonist, who is a novice Rider who has interest in the outside world, and who sets off on a journey with Nabiru.

Lilia, the protagonist's childhood friend who longs to go to the outside world. She has a lively personality and is like a big sister to everyone.

Shuval, a young man who is the protagonist's childhood friend. He has an obedient personality, but possesses a strong will to become a Rider.

Nabiru, who travels with the protagonist and supports him/her on his/her adventure. It is a Felyne, but it has an individual appearance, and there are still many mysterious sides to it. It loves donuts.

The website also revealed the game's story. In the story, in a certain village of Riders, children start their adventure with a game of "Egg Hunting Tag." The protagonist, Lilia, and Shuval go into the forest and discover a monster egg, and the egg hatches. Through this meeting, the monster awakens, and the three friends each start to walk on their own separate paths.

Capcom has been planning the game for five years, and the game marks the first RPG in the franchise. CAPCOM producer Ryōzō Tsujimoto said that in the game young boys become "monster riders," and the game will explore the way of life of those who choose to become a rider. The game will also explore importance of the bonds between the riders and monsters as they combine their strength on new adventures.

Tsujimoto also noted, "We want to tell a story that can only be told as an RPG and we want to convey a story filled with fun, while also accurately preserving the worldview of the Monster Hunter franchise."

The game already has a TV anime adaptation in the works at David Production. Fuji TV is creating a new daytime anime timeslot for the first time in 10 years for the anime series. The show is listed with the title Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON and is listed at 48 episodes, with each episode being 30 minutes long. The anime is slated to premiere this year, and will be the first anime based on CAPCOM's Monster Hunter game franchise.

The Monster Hunter action game franchise has sold more than 31 million copies. The latest entry in the franchise, Monster Hunter X, shipped in Japan on November 28 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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